Friday, April 8, 2011

On Thursday

So we are trying to save money. Last spring Riggles traded in our his cute Toyota Tacoma for a gas efficient Toyota Prius. (go0d for us). You can read and laugh about that HERE. I finally decided to do the same. To save gas money, payment money and my growing children's legs,

we traded this

for this

One of my dream cars (you know when you have your list of what I want to drive when I grow up) was always a 4 runner with the 3rd back seat. And now I'm giving it up.

Sad? Yes! Heartbreaking? No.

Here is the heart breaker.

Ben E had a bad case of Croup. We decided Riggles told me to take him in to Urgent care because the Strider was really bad and we couldn't get his fever to go down. He had it pretty bad even just laying around still. Urgent care gave him the steroid and the breathing treatment. It didn't work so they sent us to the children's hospital ER and told us to expect to stay the night. After hours of waiting and watching (mostly waiting) in the ER waiting room they took us into a room and gave him another breathing treatment.

And then we were able to come home.

An effort to save money never seems to work. As soon as we take care of one payment somewhere or sacrifice spending on something to save cash....something comes up where you realize....IT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! Something is always going to be thrown in your way so you can't get ahead.

I'm so glad that my baby boy is on the mend. But kinda bummed my effort to save money and get out of debt is going to take longer if it ever happens at all. I have really good insurance and I'm really grateful for it. But I'm expecting big bills with an ER and Urgent Care visit.

My feelings as of this moment: Some families, especially with youngin's, need to have financial hardships. So many things are learned and acquired when going through these times of life. I would hate to miss out on the blessings and knowledge gained from of these trials.


Jenette said...

I am sad that you had to trade in your 4runner---you were my last hope in convincing Matthew that I don't need a minivan ;)
I am glad that Ben E in on the mend--keep getting well.

Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

It is tough to get ahead, but think how far behind you would have been if you hadn't made the changes BEFORE the new expenses came. It can get deep fast. Well done!

Good luck with the croup - the EC and I are experts because we had a boy who would get it about 3 times each winter. Plenty of nights in the hospital staring at the blood oxygen levels. Thankfully, they outgrow it.