Friday, May 27, 2011

A Normal Post

Back to my normal, random, journaling, blogging thing. I have broken many promises to my Mother about how I would keep my blog updated. What can I say, I'm a lying, jerk daughter that doesn't keep promises. So here are the latest bits of life happening this May here in the beautiful area that I live in.

Ben E is all about being with his big brothers and sisters. And doing what they are doing.

Samantha is helping Ben E learn about school and the efforts it takes to get ready. Ok maybe not really. Its more she loves having a real life doll to dress up and play with. (Poor little guy)

We had two birthdays, Garrett turned 10 and Aquinna turned 6. Aquinna had her 1st birthday party and I chose to do a Girl Pirate themed party. (It's about what I want for them...duh.) Don't let her cuteness fool you. She is a Lemon Head. Completely sweet and twinkly one minute....a real sour-puss the next.

Garrett will be having his party tonight, which includes pizza, soda, cake, and video games and Lego's. All the stuff 10 year old boys need to have a good time.
(*Side Note* My kids don't get birthday parties every year. I mean the kind with their friends. Garrett has gotten the most since he is the oldest. Sam has had 2 and Aquinna now has had 1. It will happen again when I'm in the mood and who I am in the mood to give it too. :D )

We are having more and more sunshine here in the Puget Sound. I am actually a bit more excited to go out and garden and play. Normally I like to tuck myself away indoors with the sun coming through the windows. But I think, or hope, this year will be different.

I will blog about my pathetic attempt of a vegetable garden later on. You won't want to miss that one. But I'm trying to be obedient and hoping that I will be blessed with cucumbers and brussel sprouts for doing so.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The rest of days.

For those of you who have noticed, I've slacked again on this blog. I'm suppose to be doing a daily entry for thirty days and I've gone way beyond thirty days without 30 posts. So here is the rest of them In one giant post. Hopefully getting this out of the way will help to get me back to posting "the good stuff."

Day 18 - My biggest insecurity
Probably my non-white. I don't like my teeth grossness. Probably has something to do with all the pop I drink and the years I smoked. (Though, teeth are really NOT suppose to be white). I don't like mine. But I will not be posting a picture of mine....obviously these are my dream teeth pictured.

Day 19 - When I was little.
I think I've gotten cuter as I got older....just my opinion!

Day 20 - I would like to travel to

First stop would be Pittsburgh for a live Steelers game. Then head over to the east for more historical sight seeing.

Day 21 - I wish I could forget

How much I love pop.

Day 22 - I wish I was better at
Drawing and my Handwriting...I'm kinda sloppy

Day 23 - My favorite book - I have a lot of favorites. But this is the one I read over and over again.

Day 24 - Something I wish i could change

Hairgrowth in certain areas. No picture needed.

Day 25 - A picture of my day.

This one is pretty good for today. My first time at a Relief Society lesson in 5 years! It was awesome!

Day 26 - Something that means a lot to me

Day 27 - A picture of myself with a family member.

Day 28 - Something I'm afraid of.

I'm afraid of police officers coming to my door with bad news about MY police officer.

Day 29 - Something that can always makes me smile.

My husband...pictured above and to the right where it says "my man"

Day 30 - A picture of someone I miss.

My mom and sisters!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 17

Something That Has Made a Huge Impact on My Life Lately

Lately for me is the past 4 years. And the thing or things are these.

  • The US Government and Politics

  • Talk Radi0

I used to whine and complain to Riggles every time he would listen to Talk Radio in the car. I thought it was boring and uneventful. Now.....that's just about all I listen to in the car. I have definitely found my political beliefs these past couple of years because of talk radio, news, and some very good books out there. I can't believe how long I was 'in the dark'. I had no idea all the hula baloo that goes on in 'our behalf' without us even knowing it. I know there are a lot of people who do not get into to it all because it's 'scary'. And that's ok...for them. But I totally love learning and watching all about our country. Where we came from, where we are going. It can be scary seeing all the 'crap' that goes on. Wars, economy, "secret combinations". But that is the best part for me I think.

All this information that is out there really helps me grow. My testimony of the gospel grows. My testimony of The scriptures, the Prophets, of the Plan of Salvation. I see how it all fits together. I can appreciate the good, the miracles and the righteous a lot more because I also see the bad and wicked that is there. I'm grateful for this change in my life. I am looking forward to the time in my life when I can take a bigger role in my own community.

Check out Jon McNaugtons website to find out more details about his amazing paintings.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 16

A Picture of Someone Who Inspires Me

I have been in the Young Womens program at church since, um...2006 I believe. I've been Secretary, Personal Progress Advisor, Beehive Advisor and now 2nd Counselor (Beehives). I love it. I love all that I've learned, the girls I've met, the other leaders I've become friends with. These amazing church programs are a great way to serve Heavenly Father and his children. I LOVE IT.

The Young Women truly inspire me. They are so amazing. Maybe because we are in an area where LDS church members are fewer than Idaho/Utah area. But there is something different about these girls. I've seen them grow into amazing beautiful Women. They are becoming wives and mothers and going on missions. They keep to their values and standards. They center their life on Christ. All through going through the trial of the teen life and more. (Something that I totally missed the ball on at that time of my life) I love theses Young Women. I'm so grateful for how the teach and inspire me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 15

A Picture of Something I Want to do Before I Die

I've been thinking about this for awhile. Well, I'm ALWAYS thinking about this. Even when I'm not blogging about day 15. It is actually kinda hard to write this out loud. Maybe it's because I hope for it so much too happen before I leave this earth. But I finally decided that even if it doesn't happen before i die, I'm ok with that. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and my family. But it would be so Super Dee Duper Awesome Amazing Perfect Wonderful if it happens before I die.

I want me and my husband and our children to go here.

And I want to be sealed to them for ETERNITY.

The Twin Falls Temple is the one I would choose if I can choose because that is where we started our family. But it really doesn't matter where or when it happens. Like I said, Heavenly Father has a plan.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 14

A Picture of Someone I Couldn't Imagine My Life Without

No explanation needed!