Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 16

A Picture of Someone Who Inspires Me

I have been in the Young Womens program at church since, um...2006 I believe. I've been Secretary, Personal Progress Advisor, Beehive Advisor and now 2nd Counselor (Beehives). I love it. I love all that I've learned, the girls I've met, the other leaders I've become friends with. These amazing church programs are a great way to serve Heavenly Father and his children. I LOVE IT.

The Young Women truly inspire me. They are so amazing. Maybe because we are in an area where LDS church members are fewer than Idaho/Utah area. But there is something different about these girls. I've seen them grow into amazing beautiful Women. They are becoming wives and mothers and going on missions. They keep to their values and standards. They center their life on Christ. All through going through the trial of the teen life and more. (Something that I totally missed the ball on at that time of my life) I love theses Young Women. I'm so grateful for how the teach and inspire me.

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Jaymi said...

And they LOVE you! (oh yah and so do I)