Friday, May 27, 2011

A Normal Post

Back to my normal, random, journaling, blogging thing. I have broken many promises to my Mother about how I would keep my blog updated. What can I say, I'm a lying, jerk daughter that doesn't keep promises. So here are the latest bits of life happening this May here in the beautiful area that I live in.

Ben E is all about being with his big brothers and sisters. And doing what they are doing.

Samantha is helping Ben E learn about school and the efforts it takes to get ready. Ok maybe not really. Its more she loves having a real life doll to dress up and play with. (Poor little guy)

We had two birthdays, Garrett turned 10 and Aquinna turned 6. Aquinna had her 1st birthday party and I chose to do a Girl Pirate themed party. (It's about what I want for them...duh.) Don't let her cuteness fool you. She is a Lemon Head. Completely sweet and twinkly one minute....a real sour-puss the next.

Garrett will be having his party tonight, which includes pizza, soda, cake, and video games and Lego's. All the stuff 10 year old boys need to have a good time.
(*Side Note* My kids don't get birthday parties every year. I mean the kind with their friends. Garrett has gotten the most since he is the oldest. Sam has had 2 and Aquinna now has had 1. It will happen again when I'm in the mood and who I am in the mood to give it too. :D )

We are having more and more sunshine here in the Puget Sound. I am actually a bit more excited to go out and garden and play. Normally I like to tuck myself away indoors with the sun coming through the windows. But I think, or hope, this year will be different.

I will blog about my pathetic attempt of a vegetable garden later on. You won't want to miss that one. But I'm trying to be obedient and hoping that I will be blessed with cucumbers and brussel sprouts for doing so.

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