Thursday, October 27, 2011

P is for Pumpkin

Pumpkins picked out.

Pumpkins getting carved.

Pumpkins carved.

Pumpkin seeds roasting.

Munchkins in bed just before 10 pm.

It was a good day :D

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


There is this Iphone app that is called, "The moron test." It gives you series of numbers to memorize and then asks you to repeat them. After the first two rounds the next series of numbers is longer and requires more concentration. While studying the numbers; a flashing, terrorizing image appears on the screen of the Iphone with a blood curdling scream. Those who are in the middle of the 'moron test' then jump three feet into the air and give a little yelp out of fright. Or in Garretts case, toss the Ipod up in the air and scream like a girl. Super Funny! I wish I would of caught it on film. Nothing is funnier than watching your own child freak out at something scary/funny. So we tried again, on Sam this time. Fully prepared to put it on video.
Here it is:

As you can see, not very amusing. For us or Samantha. But this is the kid that will sit and watch a scary movie with eyes wide open. While Garrett will leave the room or cover his eyes with just a hint of eerie music playing in case there is a jumpy/scary part. Even if its not a scary show.

I'm quite amazed at the differences in ALL of my children. When one thing works for one it most likely will not work for another. It sure does keep me on my toes and makes my brain churn a lot more when I'm trying to figure them all out.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Random Updates

Not a lot has been going on in this household. Basically the same thing everyday. Which is not a bad thing. I like keepin' it easy. Kids are loving school. I'm enjoying babysitting every couple of weeks. Riggles has been working some OT. (Which you would think is going to be some nice extra money, but low and behold something always needs fixing or mending when OT happens.) I've decorated for Halloween. Coerced my children into picking costumes I want them to dress in.

Part of the OT Riggles did was SWAT Dignitary Assignment for the homecoming of Amanda Knox. As many news cameras that were around there was not one glimpse of him on any of them. Though he only stood 6 ft away from her. This is the best I could come up with.

But for those of you who ever watched World Wildest Police Videos; you may have seen him in his Rookie years arguing with an old lady over a speeding ticket! He had a good head a hair back then.

We are taking a break from a bunch of stuff this year. No gym for Riggles, No BBall for Garrett, No nothing for Aquinna, Going on my 2nd year of No bowling for me. Sam is doing Piano and that is about it. She is taking a break from dance. Which is hard to let happen because she is so talented. But....what do you do?!? I will admit that I love not having to go this way and that throughout the week.