Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Confessional

I confess:

  • I'm kinda bummed Glamazon didn't pick a topic for todays confessionalI have a hard time coming up with things by myself sometimes. But I will give it a whirl today.

  • I don't like the heat. It was 85 degrees yesterdays and I was miserable. Please Rain! Please Rain! Please Rain!

  • I sleep with my contacts in too often.

  • I havn't brushed my teeth yet today and I've been up for 3 hours.

  • I did shower though.

  • My hubby is going to a friends house after work tonight....I'm jealous. I don't want to drag the kids out that late and I can't afford a sitter. So I'm home....again.....tonight...

  • We havn't gone on a date in like.....(flipping through calendar)..... I seriously am thinking right now ...and I can't remember how long it's been....and it's driving me crazy that I can't think of it.....Was it the New Moon Movie???? has it been that long?????

  • That is soooo sad!!!!

  • Next week we are going out I have my mom coming + anniversary = FREE BABYSITTER!

  • I havn't seen my 9 year old son in 8 days. He is visiting grandparents...4 more days to go.

  • I feel like I am doing ok without him. Not missing him to much.

  • When I talk to him or really think about him I miss him!

  • I just thought it would be harder I guess.

  • I'm glad he comes home on Tuesday. I don't want to try to miss him any longer than I have too.

  • I tried to be a cool mom yesterday. I blew up the swimming pool by mouth. (It took like an hour)And hooked up the hose to the hot water heater to fill the pool up with warm water. It didn't work. Water just leaked all over the garage. So they swam in cold water...They loved it!!

  • I'm sure I could confess tons more...But I think I better go and do something productive.

    Link up with Glamazon and confess. Seriously! You will feel better when you do!

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Love! Friday Confessional

Glamazon is hosting Friday Confessional Theme styled this week. How fun right!!

I thought this theme was perfect because on the 15th of this month me and the Mr. are celebrating 10 years of marriage....HOLY COW!! TEN YEARS! In August it will be 13 years spent hanging out with my best friend!

So here are the questions Glamazon posted for today's confessional...

  • How did you and your true love meet?

  • What is your favorite physical feature about your beloved?

  • What is your favorite personality feature about your lover?

  • When did you have your first kiss?

  • When did you know they were "the one"?

  • What set them apart from the other guys that you dated in the past?

Here I go

  • Elko, Nevada. (also known as Hell Hole, NV.) Mr. Riggles was the lawnmower boy for the trailer park where I was living with my sis and her family. My Bro in Law got tired of me staring out the window all googly eyed at him and went out to ask him to take me out to meet some people since I was new in town and had no one to hang with...he came by later and took me out with his sis and a friend of his..thinking to hook me up with the his friend...But he was the one that sat by me at the movie theatre..and he hung out with me every weekend after that.

  • Riggles is a hot piece of man. He has blue eyes, tall, dark, and incredibly handsome. There is no one thing that made him extra attractive...He had great hair. It's a good thing that wasn't the feature that attracted me to him hehe. Always combed nice and dark and now its gone.....but he is still super fine!!!

  • This guy is soooo funny!!!! He is witty and quick with a comeback. He tells such funny stories. When we are around friends and family there is always laughter coming from the room where he is at. (Most people don't know this cause he is so super shy and won't joke around until you get to know him a bit)

  • Our first kiss....This is also a long story...makes me roll my eyes just thinking about how lame it was of us lol. Anyways, we spent the day goofing off, playing catch, drawing on the street with chalk. It was late and we just finished watching a movie. We were trying to decide what to do and he says, "I can think of something but you have to guess what it is. It has four letters." I play stupid and kept saying that I didn't know when I really knew that he wanted to kiss me. He says "Four letter and starts with a 'k'" Then I just leaned over and kissed him.

  • I knew he was something special because it took so long for him to kiss me. And I was the one that kissed him. We were truly best friends before we were dating. He was so sweet and gentleman like. He just liked to hang out and have fun. And was super fun with my niece and nephews too.

  • What set him apart from other guys was that he was a gentleman. He wasn't pushy when it came to romantic stuff. He was really interested in getting to know me and really wanted to hang out with me. He was willing to drive miles and miles just to hang out and goof off even before we were 'dating'.

I'm so lucky to have spent this last decade as his wife. There is nobody that could handle me the way he does. I'm so lucky to have a husband like him. He really is the greatest thing in my life.

HERE is the how it happened story and a couple of pics of us from our younger years.

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