Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Confessional

I confess:

  • I'm kinda bummed Glamazon didn't pick a topic for todays confessionalI have a hard time coming up with things by myself sometimes. But I will give it a whirl today.

  • I don't like the heat. It was 85 degrees yesterdays and I was miserable. Please Rain! Please Rain! Please Rain!

  • I sleep with my contacts in too often.

  • I havn't brushed my teeth yet today and I've been up for 3 hours.

  • I did shower though.

  • My hubby is going to a friends house after work tonight....I'm jealous. I don't want to drag the kids out that late and I can't afford a sitter. So I'm home....again.....tonight...

  • We havn't gone on a date in like.....(flipping through calendar)..... I seriously am thinking right now ...and I can't remember how long it's been....and it's driving me crazy that I can't think of it.....Was it the New Moon Movie???? has it been that long?????

  • That is soooo sad!!!!

  • Next week we are going out I have my mom coming + anniversary = FREE BABYSITTER!

  • I havn't seen my 9 year old son in 8 days. He is visiting grandparents...4 more days to go.

  • I feel like I am doing ok without him. Not missing him to much.

  • When I talk to him or really think about him I miss him!

  • I just thought it would be harder I guess.

  • I'm glad he comes home on Tuesday. I don't want to try to miss him any longer than I have too.

  • I tried to be a cool mom yesterday. I blew up the swimming pool by mouth. (It took like an hour)And hooked up the hose to the hot water heater to fill the pool up with warm water. It didn't work. Water just leaked all over the garage. So they swam in cold water...They loved it!!

  • I'm sure I could confess tons more...But I think I better go and do something productive.

    Link up with Glamazon and confess. Seriously! You will feel better when you do!


Jenette said...

I love the pictures... You are a cool mom!
I know about the date thing... the only time we go on dates is when family is around to watch Jennie.

Jaymi said...

What? Confessing isn't productive?? Thats the only good thing I've done today....

Stacy said...

Babysitters are way too expensive!! If I have to pay them, then we can't afford to do anything but sit on the park bench and stare at each other. Wait, that doesn't sound too bad. Quiet conversation... not familiar with that either.

Lourie said...

You are beyond cool for blowing up that pool!

What is date night???

Love the pics.