Friday, June 25, 2010

Garrett's Big Day

A year and a month after he turned 8, Garrett's dad gave him permission to get baptized. He has been so excited these past few weeks getting ready for it. Since he has been in primary for ever he could've just done it right away. But being the person I am I chose for him to have the missionary discussions so he could really learn about the gospel and take the steps he needed to take to make sure he was making the right choice for himself. (And I love the spirit that the missionaries bring into our home, I couldn't pass that up.)

You know those feelings you get get when you are trying to do the right thing but nothing seems to go your way? Well those were my feelings and the feelings in our house yesterday morning. I knew that Satan was trying really hard to bring contention into our home to keep up from feeling the spirit and choosing the Right. I remember him doing the same thing a few years ago when I was preparing to get my Patriarchal Blessing. I have learned from then, that when I recognize who/what it is that is making me feel dark and miserable it is a lot easier to withstand it. Who wants to be dark and miserable with Satan??? NOT ME!!! I also knew that feelings of darkness only come from the adversary. Feelings of peace, goodness and light come from our dear Savior. So yesterday when we were all fighting and being mean to each other I stopped in my tracks and remembered the lessons from the past. We had a family prayer asking Heavenly Father to bless our home with peace and love. And that Satan would leave us alone. Other than a few little squabbles, the rest of our day was great. Even those little squabbles were easier to take care of because of the warm spirit of our Savior that was invited into our home through meaningful prayer.

Garrett was a little nervous and a Lot excited for that evening. After he came up out of the water he exclaimed, "THAT WAS AWESOME!!!" Though he didn't know at the time, everyone heard him and grinned and reverently cheered at his words. I completely bawled like a cry baby through it all. What mother wouldn't right? :)

I'm so super grateful for our friends the Sants who each participated in the program. I'm especially grateful for Bro. Sant and the Priesthood that he holds to be able to baptize my Garrett. I'm also super grateful for the other Priesthood holders in my life who have and will continue to bless me and my family. I'm thankful for the missionaries and their hard work and strong spirits. I am so thankful for the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessings and knowledge that come from it. I love the Gospel. I love having a Prophet on this earth to guide me. I love having a chance to have an Eternal Family! I love the Book of Mormon and testify to the truthfulness of it. I love having the gift of the Holy Ghost and am so glad that Garrett has received it. I am so grateful and love my Savior, Jesus Christ, who lives, and shows his mercy and love for me and my family.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Here is a post dedicated to the bestest dad in the world. My babies daddy! I love you, you handsome, stinky, loveable, funny, bestest friend in the whole world. You are the greatest dad a kid could have!! And a wonderful Hubby!

I also extremely appreciate my Father in Law and my own Dad. They are great men!!
Sorry don't have a pic of my dad on my computer. I will fix that this summer!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Confession Time

Time to confess, (taking a breath)

I postponed my sons baptism for my daughters dance pictures. Great priorities huh? Well, I knew that dance pictures could NOT have been rescheduled and I didn't want her to miss them so I rescheduled what I knew I could.

My kindergartner also missed her end of the year "Kindergarten Celebration" because of dance rehearsals. She technically could have gone and missed the rehearsal but Mommy didn't want to sit in a crowded gym listening to kindergartners barely singing along with a crappy radio. Seriously I've heard these songs ALL year long. The only thing we missed that night was the ice cream at the end. I made it up with her choice of restaurant...Subway!! She loved it!

Twice this past two weeks I let to babies poopy diapers slip by me. By the time I realized they were poopy, they had sore bum. I felt horrible. Isn't poop suppose to stink all the time so you know when they do it??!!??

I washed down the inside of my fridge today. It was the first time's been so long since it happened I don't even remember how long it's been. But hey!! Now it's clean! I will mark this day on the calendar so I know next time how long it takes to do it again.

I haven't been to the gym since May. Not because I don't want to though. Sort of...but mostly cause it's the end of the year and my plate is full and if there is finally a day something is not happening...I am too pooped(the non smelly kind) to get off the couch...or computer chair. I'm hoping next week will be a lot better....Since there is nothing on the calendar it should be better.

We ate out at restaurants 4 times this week. (If you count hubby eating at work it's more like 10.) This is outrageous for us. I usually plan out my meals on paper then shop once then cook dinner every night..(ok not every night. some nights I still whip out the cup o noodles or eat leftovers) but for the most part we eat out maybe 1 or 2 A MONTH. Next week will also put that situation back to normal!

I just realized that with all these 'confessions' I am following them with an excuse to why or how it happened. Hmmm...

I must confess...I can't make mistakes or decisions without making up excuses for those mistakes and decisions. I guess that's just one of my personality traits.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Say it with a Post It

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What I meant to Say Wednesday

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Heres what I said when I found out two of Samanthas dance numbers were back to back for there annual performance:
"Ummm is Sam going to have enough time to change costumes in between the two songs? I'm sure she could do it with some help from the room moms. But she is only 6."
They informed me that they really took the time to make sure stuff like this wouldn't happen when the wrote down the performance order. This one was just missed and would see what they could do.
What I really wanted to say:
"I REALLY don't want to be one of those mom's that complain and nit pick over the way things go at production time. I know a lot is going on and that it is just part of the dancing world. But could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE throw in a solo or a speaker in between Sam's dances so she has plenty of time to look her best for the show!!"
I would really like to have added, "She is the best one in her class you know. You should want her to dance for you for free she is that good!!"
I'm sure that it's just because I'm her mom and I see her at her best and worst but she is really really EXCELLENT for a 6 year old!!!
What I said when the two girlies wouldn't be quiet and go to sleep passed bedtime:
"If you don't shut your eyes and shut your mouths I will come up here and slap your face next time I hear you!!"
What I meant to say:
"You girls need to get your sleep. Go to bed! And don't say another word!"
They continued to talk and run around...I did NOT slap their face...but sure did feel like it. I just shut them out of my head and ignored them letting them walk all over me by letting them do what they want no matter what I say until they fell asleep. Poor me and my lack of discipline and consistency.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Confessional

Here I go spilling my geeky guts. Link up with Glamazon and join in the fun.

  • I'm a HUGE GEEK.

  • I love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson ...the list goes on.

  • But it goes beyond just loving the shows.


  • That stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games

  • It started over 10 years ago.

  • I was hooked on EverCrack EverQuest.

  • It was sooo bad that even on car trips I would compare the RL (real life) places to the great land of "The Overthere" or the gathering place for teleports in the "East Commons"

  • More so was the constant dreaming of killing and pillaging of giants in "Rathe Mountains"

  • Those giants would drop a good amount of PP. (Platinum Pieces)

  • Sadly my questing ended and I had to say goodbye to my level 64 Paladin.

  • And then Star Wars Galaxies was brought to my attention.

  • I was never a Star Wars fan until this.

  • I had never watched a Star Wars movie until I was tangled and snarled into the never ending grasps of this new MMORPG.

  • Of course I was on the Rebel side.

  • How I enjoyed racing my speederbike across the deserts of Tatooine and on the Moons of Endor.

  • Slaying and Looting the Sand People aka Tusken Raiders for the crystals to make light sabers.

  • Again, it had to end. With much pain and agony of course. You can't just cut off a Meth user and expect things to be honky dory do you? Same goes for gamers.

  • I've also tried playing, Pirates of the Caribbean online, Toontown, and Wizards 101. I have spent countless hours and DOLLARS on pointless non-mmo's.

  • And now I am investigating a new MMORPG. Thanks to my Father in law.

  • How crazy am I for thinking THIS is AWESOME!!