Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What I meant to Say Wednesday

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Heres what I said when I found out two of Samanthas dance numbers were back to back for there annual performance:
"Ummm is Sam going to have enough time to change costumes in between the two songs? I'm sure she could do it with some help from the room moms. But she is only 6."
They informed me that they really took the time to make sure stuff like this wouldn't happen when the wrote down the performance order. This one was just missed and would see what they could do.
What I really wanted to say:
"I REALLY don't want to be one of those mom's that complain and nit pick over the way things go at production time. I know a lot is going on and that it is just part of the dancing world. But could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE throw in a solo or a speaker in between Sam's dances so she has plenty of time to look her best for the show!!"
I would really like to have added, "She is the best one in her class you know. You should want her to dance for you for free she is that good!!"
I'm sure that it's just because I'm her mom and I see her at her best and worst but she is really really EXCELLENT for a 6 year old!!!
What I said when the two girlies wouldn't be quiet and go to sleep passed bedtime:
"If you don't shut your eyes and shut your mouths I will come up here and slap your face next time I hear you!!"
What I meant to say:
"You girls need to get your sleep. Go to bed! And don't say another word!"
They continued to talk and run around...I did NOT slap their face...but sure did feel like it. I just shut them out of my head and ignored them letting them walk all over me by letting them do what they want no matter what I say until they fell asleep. Poor me and my lack of discipline and consistency.


Brittney said...

lol i know how you feel my son often gets his way too.. I hope she does well on her dance :)

singedwingangel said...

Oh wow talk about pressure.. I hope they can get her changed in time for the next routine. OH I hear ya about bedtime.. Ihave 3 boys and one is bipolar and he is worse then the others.. Ty somuch for playing with us today

Jaymi said...

She IS the best! Maybe when you come, Sam and Ken can have a dance off, like in "Girl's Just Wanna Have fun" And one of them can do the boobie smash, cuz that's my favorite dance move!