Friday, April 24, 2009


Here is a video of Sam's dance class...this is them practicing one of their routines for their June recital. I'm sure you can tell that Sam is on the very left of the screen. (She's the best!) Her teacher handed out report cards today and recommends Sam to skip a level of class and also to try out for the Dance Company. Dance Company probably won't happen ($too expensive$). Though I might let her try out anyways. I'm so proud of her!!

Speaking of expensive...Garrett's piano lessons. I must say it is well worth the money. He has done absolutely amazing. And he loves it. He enjoys lessons and practicing. Seeing as he shares a birthday with Piano Man, Billy Joel hopefully he will continue with it...if not...I'm sure Sam will thank him for the extra money for more dance lessons.

As for Quinna...well...we'll try dance next year. Though Drama might be her thing. And as for Benny Boo...I think I won't worry about that for a while.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our visitor

So today we took the girls and Ben out to enjoy the sunshine. Flat Stanley, (My niece, Teagans school project) came with us. He really enjoyed his visit around Gig Harbor. He came to visit us all the way from Idaho. This weekend he will get to go on a ride along with Riggles in the Police Car. I hope he has a great time. He has been a really polite guest. I hope next time Teagan and her family can come with him.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Definatley not Gas

Finally, after saving all of his smiles for Dad, today was the day I got the real true things. They made me giggle so much that he just kept on smiling. I'm a little slow with the camera so of course the pictures do not do him justice. This morning I sang some spring time primary songs to him. He was very interested with a pleased look on his face. I can't believe it's all ready been 7 weeks since we've had him. Time is flying by way to fast.

Friday, April 17, 2009

With the warm weather coming out more and more lately we have been trying to get outdoors with the kids. Let me just say I feel like a real shmuck sometimes when I realize that my kids are how old and don't know how to ride a bike yet. I have an excuse though; here me out: We have a very very steep driveway and a narrow street with a blind corner. So our biking experiences happen at a parking lot when we get the notion to pack up our bikes and head out. Which is a total number of two times in two years...sad i know. But we are hoping they will be trained by the time summer comes to an end. Cross your fingers. And because I didn't get a pic of Sam learning to ride (because she gave up so fast) here is one of her enjoying 'Extreme Swinging'.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

This Easter came and went without a lot of fuss. It was nice to color eggs with the kids and Riggles. I'm sure that I will be picking up Easter Basket grass for the next few months though. Garrett was cute in saying "This was a really good Easter" and "How was your Easter mom?" I was pretty cranky by the time night hit. The girls, (especially Sam) have had major attitude problems the past couple of days. Sam and her sassy mouth has really got me struggling with what to do about her. And them not listening to anything they are asked to do is making me pull my hair out. They lost the T.V. in their room and have been grounded from video games for the next week and they don't even seem to care. As long as they have each other they are fine for keeping entertained and getting into more trouble. How do I ground them from each other? I've been so worried about how Aquinna is going to do when Sam goes to Kindergarten, and now I'm thinking everything will be just fine!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trying to blog

So, blogging isn't my thing...yet. Maybe I will get better at it. Maybe it will be my own little online journal. So the update since last post is our new addition Benjamin. He was born 5 weeks ago. (I got a the February baby I wanted...barely...Feb. 28) I am so blessed to have him. He is a really good baby. Right now we are getting about 5 hours of sleep each night. Though Daddy gets the random smiles right now...I'm really looking forward to the social smiling so I can finally see the toothless grins.