Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our visitor

So today we took the girls and Ben out to enjoy the sunshine. Flat Stanley, (My niece, Teagans school project) came with us. He really enjoyed his visit around Gig Harbor. He came to visit us all the way from Idaho. This weekend he will get to go on a ride along with Riggles in the Police Car. I hope he has a great time. He has been a really polite guest. I hope next time Teagan and her family can come with him.


LaKell said...

I LOVE your blogs. Great music, wonderful pictures (my favorite is Sammy having to hug Quinna), and stories making me smile so big my face hurts. Thank you for taking such good care of Stan the Man. If he gives you a hard time just put a stamp on him and send him back. Really it is so cute I'm forwarding (if possible) to Tea's teacher to show the class, your the best Love ya KEl

tysonandmandimoser said...

This is Mrs. Moser's class and we loved seeing Flat Stanley on your blog. Teagan is a wonderful student and she says to tell you that she misses you and wishes she could become flat so she could come see you again. Thanks for taking time to help with this fun class project. Tell Stan the Man Hi fro the third grade students in our class. Thanks!