Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

This Easter came and went without a lot of fuss. It was nice to color eggs with the kids and Riggles. I'm sure that I will be picking up Easter Basket grass for the next few months though. Garrett was cute in saying "This was a really good Easter" and "How was your Easter mom?" I was pretty cranky by the time night hit. The girls, (especially Sam) have had major attitude problems the past couple of days. Sam and her sassy mouth has really got me struggling with what to do about her. And them not listening to anything they are asked to do is making me pull my hair out. They lost the T.V. in their room and have been grounded from video games for the next week and they don't even seem to care. As long as they have each other they are fine for keeping entertained and getting into more trouble. How do I ground them from each other? I've been so worried about how Aquinna is going to do when Sam goes to Kindergarten, and now I'm thinking everything will be just fine!!

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Jenette said...

I love the pictures! Garrett is too cute to say that!