Saturday, November 26, 2011

Braggin about Samantha

November is Sweet. No, not that one movie. But its all about my Sweet Samantha Sha. On the 13th of this month she was born 8 years ago. The most BEAUTIFUL baby girl ever. With 'Just Grandmas' dimple, and heart shape nostrils.

Its amazing how time flies and they grow up so fast. Grow up as in all ready 8 years old. Crazy!To celebrate her 8th birthday we had hamburgers, cake and showered her with presents. Ok not really a shower, but a 3DS is quite spendy. She deserves it though.

Samantha is full of talent, skill, rhythm, knowledge etc. etc. etc. I hate to label my kids, (sometimes,) but I will at the moment and I will definitely label her my Gifted child. She exceeds at everything she does. It is hard to not put her into every sport, dance class and music lesson because I know she would dominate all of them. But as for the one she is participating in this year, Samantha has all ready shown off her talents of the piano. She came in 1st place in her division at Piano Olympics this year. Outstanding!!

I love this Girl!

To make November even Sweeter, Samantha chose to be baptized as soon as she could after she turned 8. And what a blessing it was to have her 'Just Grandma' here over Thanksgiving so she could do it then. I love seeing my Sammy Sha so happy. Her grin was great and the way she hugged me made me melt.

I know that Samantha is going to be an amazing woman someday. She is a great friend, sister and daughter. She is going to be a great mom someday too. Her teacher at school loves how helpful she is with her classmates and how hard she works at doing her best in all she does. This girl is AMAZING! (I will try not to ruin this post by mentioning how moody and dramatic she can be sometimes.)

I hope November was a Very Sweet month for you too Samantha. I love you!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pirates Poop In the Potty

That is what i told my 2 1/2 year old. And to even prove it I propped Pirate Jack Sparrow, (LEGO form) onto his LEGO toilet and helped him grunt out a turd. That's right a LEGO pirate pooped in a LEGO toilet. (Ssshhh it was a tiny piece of Hershey Bar, but Ben didn't know that.) He was super excited to see Pirate Jack poop! So much that he pooped in the potty himself. Not the LEGO one the real one. Yay! After a couple of weeks of that, and a lot of hit and misses, I hope I'm not jinxing myself when I tell you all:


He has mostly peed too, only 2 accidents.

(We're not counting nighttime btw)

Whooo hoo!

I went to Target yesterday and I didn't have to buy any diapers.

This picture doesn't give the whole ordeal justice. I have looked for LEGO jack everywhere and can't find him. Amazing how something so little can get lost so easily right?!?

So here is his stunt double.