Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ick! Messy Baby

I don't think it's possible to have clean floors, clean walls or anything clean in a house when you have a baby eating food. Even a clean baby. Everywhere I look I see crumbs, splatters, and gooey, crusty fingerprints all over the place. So right now I'm in the "why should I clean up when it's just going to be destroyed in five minutes" mode. Vanilla Wafers are one of Ben's favorites. But after him slobbering and drooling all over one, it all slimy and mushy, in between his fingers and in his hair. That is unless I don't clean it up right away, (which I haven't been) it becomes hard and extremely stuck to any surface it falls upon. I think he has been enjoying the messes he's been making. It's starting to make him feel like one of the other kids. He seems quite proud of himself after he's finished.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Samantha is Six!

Sammy has had a happening month so far. After weeks of wiggling, wriggling, pushing and prodding...she finally lost her first tooth. She was quite excited. That happened on Veteran's Day. So of course the tooth fairy didn't make it that night. (Something about taking holidays off.) And then the next night nothing. But luckily for Sam after two long nights without a dime, the tooth fairy left a reassuring note that she did not forget Sam and that she "had a flat wing' and was also excited that Sam lost her first tooth and left her some cash.

Quinna wasn't excited.
This is the second time Sam has received cash this week. Aunt Les sent her some for her birthday. But it's really pissing Aquinna off. Aquinna got cash for her birthday in May, which she claimed she didn't want anymore so she ripped up. Garrett's May birthday card never made it so aunt Les sent him a half birthday card with some mu la this month. Again, Quinna is upset. Quinna being upset and pissed isn't just that. Her being upset includes yelling, stomping, throwing herself on the floor, throwing items (especially remotes) across the room, pounding her feet loudly up the stairs etc., etc. So, by the time Sam opened up her birthday gifts on Friday two more had money in them which led to....yep you guessed, two more of Quinna's fits. (I've fixed two xbox remotes and the TV remote all this week. I'm quite handy when it comes to stuff like that.)

Samantha did have a great birthday. She had a little party with her friends from school. She received some neat presents and whined a lot.

These are the lightbulbs I got for Sam. (The Easybake Oven came later )

That's what happens when you are nice to your kids and do special things for them. They whine, fight and argue just so you forget why you spent time and money on them. Garrett is especially skilled in this area. But I keep on doing nice things because I love them and I love to see their smiles even if it's only for a moment. Somehow that moment is worth it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

November All Ready

Can you believe how fast October flew by? I must say I am super excited for November. I don't know why exactly. But all the Halloween decorations are down and all the Thanksgiving ones are up. I will be on the look out for more Thanksgiving stuff this year I think. I just don't have enough turkeys, leaves, pilgrims in my house. And I don't have any cornucopias. (I spellchecked that!)

The kids were completely excited for Halloween. Especially Aquinna. She was always talking about how many more sleeps it was until Trick or Treating. As you can tell from the picture, this year we had: Harry Potter, a Vampiress, a Black Cat and a Dragon. Garrett's favorite part was his black hair. He got quite the reaction from his friends on the school bus because of it. Though last years fog was a great touch for a spooky night of trick or treating this years' weather was perfect. NO RAIN!! ( And no snow!) And not too cold.

We've also tried out the Spooner Farms pumpkin patch/corn maze. The kids had a great time. Though next year the Mr and I are hoping to leave the kids with a sitter and head to a haunted corn maze. I really do miss the Pumpkin Walk in Logan. Someone needs to start something like that up here. (It won't be me.)

Anyways, there is the October update. Let's see what will happen in the next couple of weeks to hopefully post about later.