Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ick! Messy Baby

I don't think it's possible to have clean floors, clean walls or anything clean in a house when you have a baby eating food. Even a clean baby. Everywhere I look I see crumbs, splatters, and gooey, crusty fingerprints all over the place. So right now I'm in the "why should I clean up when it's just going to be destroyed in five minutes" mode. Vanilla Wafers are one of Ben's favorites. But after him slobbering and drooling all over one, it all slimy and mushy, in between his fingers and in his hair. That is unless I don't clean it up right away, (which I haven't been) it becomes hard and extremely stuck to any surface it falls upon. I think he has been enjoying the messes he's been making. It's starting to make him feel like one of the other kids. He seems quite proud of himself after he's finished.

1 comment:

Jenette said...

Just think now you have a human vacuum cleaner for a while ;)
Jennie seems to always find the leftover cheerios on the floor.