Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Confessional

Time to Confess with:

  • My cat died back in September.

  • Her litter box and food dishes are still in the garage.....untouched!

  • I chopped down my favorite shrub so I can have more veggie garden room

  • I got the shrub for free from my Mom in Law.

  • I'm hoping she will give me a FREE replacement so I can put it in a different spot

  • (Bridal Veil Spiraea - Hint Hint Hint Penni)

  • I only dropped the 'F' Bomb twice this month.

  • It seems only to happy during the same week every month.

  • I should expect that word to surface at that time and try to control it.

  • There is about 5 other things I should confess this week

  • But I won't

  • Because you don't need to know everything.

  • Sunday, March 20, 2011

    This week

    It's been over a week since my last post. Sorry Mom! But you have been in Hawaii so there was no point in posting anything anyways...right?!?

    As for an update on the happenings or lack of around here:
    • My sister will be here on Friday. HOORAY! I'm so excited. I've been doing stomach crunches everyday to get ready for all the laughing we are going to do.
    • I turned the big 3 - 0 last Sunday. That's right THIRTY. Which I am totally OK with seeing as I've had 4 kids since I was 28 and have been married for almost 11 years...I think I should have been 3o a while ago.

    • Both Quinna and I chopped off our hair.
    • I am going lighter in color. I defiantly like how the blond hides the gray so much better.

    • Samantha had 10 - 4's on her report card. (They grade elementary students with 1-4, 1 the lowest and 4's the highest) She amazes me at how amazing she is. 3's are most common. 4's are exceptional!!!
    • Garrett has pummeled me quite a few times in Halo this week. He still lacks the gaming skills I have and I can still take him down with gunfire; but I'm wondering when the day will come when I will be like, "When did this kid learn how to beat me!"
    • Ben E. Well, he is a giant turd, that poops too many turds a day, and I feel like turd when he gets into turd and I have to get after him for it.

    Hows that for an update?

    Friday, March 11, 2011

    Friday Confessional

    Time for me to Confess
    Hosted by

    • I use to think that potato eyes were poisonous
    • When I watched a South Park that had the ATF and they said it stood for Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms I thought that was so funny.
    • And then I found out that the ATF really was Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and felt dumb.
    • The other day I alphabetized movies and talked to myself they whole time.
    • "Ok time for C's..C's C's C's...Charlie, Coraline, nope not you Mr. Funny Farm you're an F."
    • Even after I finished I mentioned to myself how I was talking to myself.
    • This conversation continued all the way upstairs.
    • I finally changed the sheets on my daughters beds.
    • It had been a looonng time.
    • But hey, they are bunk beds.
    • I sweat more making their beds then I do on the treadmill.
    • That's because I only walk on the treadmill....uphill....3-5mph...for 20 minutes.
    • About 3-4 times a week.
    • NOT running. I HATE running.
    • Just walking, fast, uphill...20 minutes.

    Now click on the button on top and confess with best!

    Wednesday, March 9, 2011


    So I turned a crappy shelf into a Mod Podged crappy shelf yesterday. Kinda like my crappy bar stools are now Mod Podged crappy bar stools. And then I went and found a Facebook page for Mod Podge just so I could exclaim how much I LIKE the stuff. I really do. I love the smell. Especially because of the nostalgic feeling it gives me. I don't ever remember having normal glue (ie Elmers) in the house I grew up in when I needed it so I used Mod Podge. We never had band-aids either so I used toilet paper and scotch tape to cover my boo-boos. (You thought I was going to say I used Mod Podged to cover my wounds....but I didn't think about it at the time or I probably would have.) I love the way Mod Podge holds my projects together. The protective seal. The way it sticks real good. It is a wonderful product! I am thinking I will buy a couple extra jars for 'storage'. The big jars. If I'm going to store food, I might as well store some FUN! Because I spell fun M-O-D P-O-D-G-E!!

    Saturday, March 5, 2011


    This week Garrett had a Famous Person Event. He has been working for weeks on a biography of Neil Armstrong. He memorized his lines, I scrambled up a costume and he performed successfully.
    I have to admit: I knew about the costume a few weeks ago when I first read the assignment. But I totally forgot until the two days before his presentation. But with a little cash and a chunk of time I came up with (with a little help from Internet ideas) what I thought was a pretty cool astronaut costume. Garrett got home from school and the first thing I ask him to do his try on his costume. HE HATES IT! He says, "couldn't you buy one?" I explain to him the time and money I spent on the costume. Then he says, "Fine I'll wear it, but I'm not wearing the oxygen tank or the helmet." I snapped. I yelled, "Fine! Thanks so much for the gratitude. It's not like I worked on this all day! Just throw the whole thing in the garbage and I'm not coming to see it in school tomorrow!" I stomped up the stairs in tears!!
    Amazing I know. I'm almost 30 and acting like a 7 year old. I know because I have a 7 year old and that is exactly how she acts.
    I calm down, head back downstairs and talk to Garrett. I tell him that if he wears the tanks, then he can hold the helmet. DEAL!
    Everything turned out great he was amazing and I have to pat my own back and say the costume was too!

    This is his report: