Sunday, March 20, 2011

This week

It's been over a week since my last post. Sorry Mom! But you have been in Hawaii so there was no point in posting anything anyways...right?!?

As for an update on the happenings or lack of around here:
  • My sister will be here on Friday. HOORAY! I'm so excited. I've been doing stomach crunches everyday to get ready for all the laughing we are going to do.
  • I turned the big 3 - 0 last Sunday. That's right THIRTY. Which I am totally OK with seeing as I've had 4 kids since I was 28 and have been married for almost 11 years...I think I should have been 3o a while ago.

  • Both Quinna and I chopped off our hair.
  • I am going lighter in color. I defiantly like how the blond hides the gray so much better.

  • Samantha had 10 - 4's on her report card. (They grade elementary students with 1-4, 1 the lowest and 4's the highest) She amazes me at how amazing she is. 3's are most common. 4's are exceptional!!!
  • Garrett has pummeled me quite a few times in Halo this week. He still lacks the gaming skills I have and I can still take him down with gunfire; but I'm wondering when the day will come when I will be like, "When did this kid learn how to beat me!"
  • Ben E. Well, he is a giant turd, that poops too many turds a day, and I feel like turd when he gets into turd and I have to get after him for it.

Hows that for an update?


Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

Beating the kids up at Halo? That's a scream!

Jaymi said...

You have Gray hair!!! Every time I go get my hair done I ask "any gray hair yet" and she always say's no. WTH I deserve at least one!
Can't wait till FRIDAY!!!!!!

Jenette said...

I love the new hair style...I'm glad you had a good b-day.

JoAnna Williams said...

That cake looks so good. What kind is it?