Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Blog or Not to Blog

Oh the tragedy. I have neglected this blog for far too long. I have attempted to sit down and type some posts many times but alas, I have had no ambition or desire to do so. So now, my attempt may turn into a novel or a short story. Who knows, maybe I will stop typing after this sentence...... .............. okay, maybe not.

We spent some time in Montana this month. Just me and the kiddos took a quick, short trip up there. We had a great visit spening time with Nana and Papa and other family. We went up to Libby Creek and cooled our feet in the very shallow water. The girls (including my nieces) hunted for frogs and snakes. I think they must've scared one off because a little while into it I was standing in the water and a long snake came swimming through my legs. AAAHHHHHH!!! SO NOT COOL!!!! YUCK! EW! OMGosh that was horrible!!!! Of course those are the exact words I said while flailing my arms all around and squaking like an idiotic ninny.

Ben E loves the water. He tried to venture in on his feet but the rocks were too slippery and he ended up sitting and crawling around. He knew exactly how to throw rocks into the creek like a pro. Of course he had to taste them before he threw them. And he fashioned a few small pebbles on the top of his head.

We crossed the creek and walked along the dry river bed. We heard Sasquatch in the trees and the kids took arm with big sticks. They didn't get too scared because Papa was off wondering around without us and they put 2 and 2 together.

On our way back across the creek Garrett lost his flip flop in the current. He hollered, " Mom! My Shoe!" While he was struggling trying to grab it he lost his footing and slipped in the shallow water and lost his other one. This triggered something in Aquinna. She took off in the slippery rocked creek at full speed. She moved like a fish in the water. She snagged one shoe and headed further down the creek for the next. At first we thought she was just excited. But after she dove in for the second shoe on hands and knees she was very very upset. She was soo worried about Garretts shoes floating away towards the 'waterfall'. She put all effort inside that little body to 'save' his shoes. She stood up crying, sopping wet with both shoes in her hands and sore, little, red knees. She was our little hero of the day. Of course we reassured her that next time just to let them float away...they are just shoes. We let her know her being safe in the water was more important! But we were still super proud of her and her amazing accomplishment. Nana then escorted her to the 'waterfall' to show her that it was just a bit of bigger rocks where the current was a little faster. We piled back into our cars with our shoes on our feet and headed back . What Fun!!!
(This is turning into a novel)

I'm glad we are home now and getting back on a schedule and a little bit of a routine. Another week and school will start. I think that will help us a lot more. All this free time and "Mommy, I'm bored" is driving me crazy. I wasn't ready for Aquinna to be in Kindergarten...but after this summer I AM NOW!!!! There is definatley a season for everything.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Summertime Happenings

Here are some of the things that we have been doing for the past few weeks. And yes, I said SOME of...we had a very busy month of July.

Rockband with Aunt Sis and TJ

Riggles "BIG" project this summer is painting the front steps. 4 Weeks later and it's still not done...Hmmmm does this surprise me ????

Then my mom flew up and we went to the beach. The tide was in so we didn't get to walk out along the sand bar at Penrose Point but we still took a lot of pics and played in the sun.

Me, my mom and the kids headed to Utah. Of course we stopped to eat and even let the kids eat ice cream. My moms idea. I'm a mean mom and would've said NO to ice cream. That's just how I roll.

Sam got her hair cut.

After we reached Logan, Utah, we took a trip a bit more south and visited Temple Square in Salt Lake City. It was my first time in the old Tabernacle and the spirit there was AMAZING!!! I'm glad I took the chance to let my kids visit. Next time I think we will do it again and visit the sites we didn't get a chance to see.

We also spent time with my sisters. ( I have 5) The kids swam in the pool at Aunt La La's house and Ben E loved playing in the sandbox.

We stayed the night at Aunt Jay's beautiful, new house. (which is a block away from Aunt La La's house) and the next morning we went to Weston for the Pioneer day festivities. Normally they kick butt. That is why I wanted to do it again this year..but was very very sad this year..The parade was short, the chicken/pig/rabbit chase was nada and the airplane candy drop was pathetic. Very disappointed in Weston city and their planning.

Most of our nights were spent and Aunt Loris new house. We got to spend a ton of time with my stinkin' cute nephews who are now teenagers and my adorable niece Sha Lynn. Thanks for letting us chill at your pad Lo Lo!

My mom is moving out of her place. So us girls helped her go through boxes and things. We reminisced over many things. This is me with an old ballet/tap costume of mine. Hot stuff huh?

We all put our names in a hat to draw for this puzzle. A very fond childhood memory for all. Congrats to my lil' sis Jobee Kanobee who won!! I will try and find my own on Ebay. :(

Me and my sis Les also went and had are feet soaked and zoned. It was amazingly awesome. I recommend it to anyone. Even if you hate people touching, looking or even coming near your feet, as I do, it was easy to get over once it started.

Riggles flew in later and after we picked him up from the airport we took him to get his feet zoned too.

Then we went to Clifton, Idaho's Twin Lakes and went camping and played in the water.

I have quite the little camper here helping his dad with fire pits.

Ben found part of a fire pit hole and made him self comfortable.

Our little family is done traveling for the summer. Probably cause we are out of money now hehe. But hopefully we can save up and head south again for Thanksgiving.
Now to think about school starting and the supplies that need to be bought....ugh!