Saturday, September 25, 2010

Still Ugh!

Ok, so I know in my last post I promised to write about "my cute, happy children that I love so much and am so grateful for". Yeah well, i re-read that I technically I can write about them in the exact same way that I wrote about them in the last post. Because: I didn't promise that I would write something 'nice' about them...just about them. Right?!?
If you haven't guessed yet I'm still having issues. I'm planning all sorts of run away routes. I just have to find someone to take over my 'Mom' job so I can finally jet. Not permanently, cause yes I love them and I want to be their mom...I just need them to miss me and I REALLY need to miss them. Did I all ready mention this? I can't remember. I keep saying it and I forget who I say it too.
Anyways, my camera is broken. I tossed it after i took it apart to fix the damn thing. It was my second camera of the exact same kind. The first one went flying off the fridge and I was not able to fix. And I really, really liked it. That's why I got the second. But now I am going to go a with a different camera all together. Cheap, easy to replace....but of course it has to go with my memory card because I'm too cheap to replace that too. Here were some of the last pictures taken with the camera. The last ones of the girls are the ones they took themselves when the snuck the camera to play with it. The other ones of the girls are pretty funny. I'll put them on Facebook. They are mostly of Aquinna posing model style for the camera. I can just see Samantha telling her how to 'work' the camera! (Maybe that's why it broke the way it did???)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Heres a stupid question:
Have you ever been stuck in a rut in which you have no ambition to do anything but play stupid games, sit on your bum just staring into space and eating whatever you want because you just 'feel' like it? I could go on a bit about this rut. About how the deeper I get into it the harder it is to get out. I could talk about all the pointless activities and wandering around aimlessly, wasting my time and energy. I will mention, (with a pat on my back) that though in a rut, my dishes are still getting done daily and the laundry is not as piled up as normal.
I think I will blame.........the kids! Why not, right? I realize they are my choices. They are my life and I WANTED THIS! Ok I still want it....but with paid vacation. :D
Here's another part of my Pitty Party: They don't listen. Oh, I think they hear my voice. Well....maybe. I know they are not deaf. But they don't listen. They don't get it. They don't show any effort into acknowledging the words that I speak to them when I ask them to do something. Ok, when I TELL them to do something. Because asking them really doesn't work!! They have been without T.V. and games and computer for a week now. I see this punishment continuing on without end. That is due because of the 'no effort' in changing their ways. How do you teach children to pick up? It's not by example it seems. I'm constantly picking stuff up and helping them pick stuff up and they haven't caught on...How do you help them 'see' or get the attitude that "Oh, this book is laying on the middle of the floor, it has been here for a while...i should pick it up as I am walking by it for the fifteenth hundredth time!" Am I being nit picky? Am I stressing the small things? Should I just keep picking up without their help? Should I take everything away including, books, clothes, that they don't pick up? And when they have overdue books or no clean clothes for school let it be there problem? Will that then reflect on my parenting when they show up to school it non matching clothes that stink and no library books??? Oh the woes!!! ohhhh oohhhh ohhhh! Right now as I am typing this I'm tuning out a ridiculous argument about a barbie car. They want my input and my involvement and I'm hearing " MOM!! MOMMMY! WHY WON'T YOU LISTEN TO ME!" and I just keep ignoring them. This is insane!!

Whewwww this post is dragging on isn't it. I'm such a stinking whiner! Maybe I just needed to tell someone else other than the hub about my woes of the week. All I get from him is a..."You wanted this many kids" and "then do something about it if they won't listen." I am doing something....It just isn't working...neither did the last thing. Neither did the spanking. Maybe I just need to leave for a few days so I can miss them....and hope they miss me. One can dream of a vacation like that right???

Ok......I'm taking a big deep breath right now!! Counting to ten. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Funny how just typing a post like this can make you feel better. Kinda gives you a fresh breath of air to take on the trial. Thanks for listening. Next post will be about my cute, happy children that i love so much and I am so grateful for. I promise! (Yes the same children from this post.)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Confessional

Link up with Glamazon and confess will feel so much better for doing so.

I confess:

  • I kinda had a moment of being lost when the kids where at school and the babies were sleeping.

  • Ok...I had more than one moment during these past couple of days of me, myself and I. (and two sleeping babies.)

  • I just wasn't sure what to do. What to accomplish? What project to start? What to clean?

  • But it was soooooo nice! Amazingly peaceful!! Loved it.

  • So instead of using my time wisely, I sat at the computer and looked up stuff to work on.

  • I know...ridiculous right?!?

  • Oh and I played Wizard 101 for a bit. I found a really cool place to harvest some ore :)

  • But I did think of a project. Thanks to one of my sisters projects from a few years back. (I will post later of course)

  • My laundry is completely cleaned and put away in neat, organized closets and drawers.


  • I will be workin on organizing my shoes today

  • And I will deep clean my bathrooms. (hopefully)

  • Riggles would love that. He never cleans his own bathroom....(GROSS!)

  • I usually just go in a squirt some clorox cleaner in the toilet and run out.

  • I sent Aquinna in there the other day with clorox wipies to wipe down the outside of the toilet.

  • That was the chore I put on her chart.

  • I'm so nice huh? LTMN.

  • I guess some of these weren't confessions

  • Just acknowledgments of what I need to do today.

  • But I will confess.....I am aware of these things that need to be done...but frankly...sometimes I just don't want to do them!

Happy Friday. Now go confess.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In Loving Memory

Summer Wheatley, our dear cat of 4+years, has passed away. Riggles helped her on her journey to kitty heaven after she was gravely injured trying to cross the street in front of a car. She will be missed greatly! And we just bought cat food today.

It saddens me greatly (not enough to cry..i just can't do that over a cat) to know that she will not be there to warm my feet at night while I'm sleeping. Or cry endlessly outside until someone lets her in.

Summer was an excellent hunter. We live in an area where rabbits, snakes, mice, rats and moles would normally exist. But not in our yard. We never had a problem with any of those pests. Raccoons would even steer clear when Summer what outside.

Summer was a scratcher. Being and indoor/outdoor cat was both beneficial and kinda of a nuisance at times. Though her claws came in handy with the noxious pests; our sliding screen door was shredded to bits. Our love seat is showing foam and our rug is balling in spots. Her very lovely cat bed/climbing area/scratch post is still as new as the day we bought it for her. She truly cherished that gift.

I will miss her chasing Garrett up the stairs just to tease him. (I don't know how she knew to do that hehe.) Rolling her eyes at the babies when the would pull her tail. And jumping into the warm part of the chair as soon as someone sat up.

Rest in peace Summer Wheatley!
Summer Wheatley (Napolean Dynamite) outlived our first cat, Stephan (Clifford), who we had to leave behind in Idaho. She will be replaced by another Russian Blue mix (when we find one) named after someone on a funny movie or show we love to watch. We are thinking about something like Ramsies or Liz Lemon.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Confessional

I confess:

  • I haven't confessed in weeks.

  • Oh, I still read everyone else's confessions though

  • I can't pass up poking my nose into other peoples lives.

  • Ok, I really am not that into other peoples lives.

  • I know how to bud out when it's none of my business

  • But when they post it on the web for all to see then I'm all over that!

  • I started playing wizard 101 again.

  • I know, I know......LAME!!!

  • I can't help my geekiness.

  • I have spent all my "gold coins" buying reagents to craft stupid black pearls to make stupid cloaks for a stupid crafting quest.

  • Gah!! I'm such a NERD!

  • School started this week and I have done ZERO extra chores I was planning on doing.

  • I'll do them next week when the hub is gone too!

  • .......maybe....;)

  • I will probably be too busy killing some Treants on Wizards.

Your turn to up with the fabulous Glamazon and play along!!