Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In Loving Memory

Summer Wheatley, our dear cat of 4+years, has passed away. Riggles helped her on her journey to kitty heaven after she was gravely injured trying to cross the street in front of a car. She will be missed greatly! And we just bought cat food today.

It saddens me greatly (not enough to cry..i just can't do that over a cat) to know that she will not be there to warm my feet at night while I'm sleeping. Or cry endlessly outside until someone lets her in.

Summer was an excellent hunter. We live in an area where rabbits, snakes, mice, rats and moles would normally exist. But not in our yard. We never had a problem with any of those pests. Raccoons would even steer clear when Summer what outside.

Summer was a scratcher. Being and indoor/outdoor cat was both beneficial and kinda of a nuisance at times. Though her claws came in handy with the noxious pests; our sliding screen door was shredded to bits. Our love seat is showing foam and our rug is balling in spots. Her very lovely cat bed/climbing area/scratch post is still as new as the day we bought it for her. She truly cherished that gift.

I will miss her chasing Garrett up the stairs just to tease him. (I don't know how she knew to do that hehe.) Rolling her eyes at the babies when the would pull her tail. And jumping into the warm part of the chair as soon as someone sat up.

Rest in peace Summer Wheatley!
Summer Wheatley (Napolean Dynamite) outlived our first cat, Stephan (Clifford), who we had to leave behind in Idaho. She will be replaced by another Russian Blue mix (when we find one) named after someone on a funny movie or show we love to watch. We are thinking about something like Ramsies or Liz Lemon.


Jaymi said...

I cried, when I read this (for real). Between laughing so hard and for your loss! mbisj (my body is still jiggeling)

Shana Eberhard said...

This is so sad! I would be a total mess if this happened to my kitty. Poor thing....how are the kiddos?

JoAnna Williams said...

I'm so glad I have one of the world's freakin-est funny sisters! Name you next cat mr bigglesworth

Jenette said...

I am sooo sorry to hear about your lose...