Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Confessional

I confess:

  • I haven't confessed in weeks.

  • Oh, I still read everyone else's confessions though

  • I can't pass up poking my nose into other peoples lives.

  • Ok, I really am not that into other peoples lives.

  • I know how to bud out when it's none of my business

  • But when they post it on the web for all to see then I'm all over that!

  • I started playing wizard 101 again.

  • I know, I know......LAME!!!

  • I can't help my geekiness.

  • I have spent all my "gold coins" buying reagents to craft stupid black pearls to make stupid cloaks for a stupid crafting quest.

  • Gah!! I'm such a NERD!

  • School started this week and I have done ZERO extra chores I was planning on doing.

  • I'll do them next week when the hub is gone too!

  • .......maybe....;)

  • I will probably be too busy killing some Treants on Wizards.

Your turn to up with the fabulous Glamazon and play along!!


Jaymi said...

You're a Geek, But a very funny one!

Glamazon said...

I love your geekiness! Stop calling it geekiness, and just embrace the fact that it is, actually, coolness.

Thanks for playing!