Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Heres a stupid question:
Have you ever been stuck in a rut in which you have no ambition to do anything but play stupid games, sit on your bum just staring into space and eating whatever you want because you just 'feel' like it? I could go on a bit about this rut. About how the deeper I get into it the harder it is to get out. I could talk about all the pointless activities and wandering around aimlessly, wasting my time and energy. I will mention, (with a pat on my back) that though in a rut, my dishes are still getting done daily and the laundry is not as piled up as normal.
I think I will blame.........the kids! Why not, right? I realize they are my choices. They are my life and I WANTED THIS! Ok I still want it....but with paid vacation. :D
Here's another part of my Pitty Party: They don't listen. Oh, I think they hear my voice. Well....maybe. I know they are not deaf. But they don't listen. They don't get it. They don't show any effort into acknowledging the words that I speak to them when I ask them to do something. Ok, when I TELL them to do something. Because asking them really doesn't work!! They have been without T.V. and games and computer for a week now. I see this punishment continuing on without end. That is due because of the 'no effort' in changing their ways. How do you teach children to pick up? It's not by example it seems. I'm constantly picking stuff up and helping them pick stuff up and they haven't caught on...How do you help them 'see' or get the attitude that "Oh, this book is laying on the middle of the floor, it has been here for a while...i should pick it up as I am walking by it for the fifteenth hundredth time!" Am I being nit picky? Am I stressing the small things? Should I just keep picking up without their help? Should I take everything away including, books, clothes, that they don't pick up? And when they have overdue books or no clean clothes for school let it be there problem? Will that then reflect on my parenting when they show up to school it non matching clothes that stink and no library books??? Oh the woes!!! ohhhh oohhhh ohhhh! Right now as I am typing this I'm tuning out a ridiculous argument about a barbie car. They want my input and my involvement and I'm hearing " MOM!! MOMMMY! WHY WON'T YOU LISTEN TO ME!" and I just keep ignoring them. This is insane!!

Whewwww this post is dragging on isn't it. I'm such a stinking whiner! Maybe I just needed to tell someone else other than the hub about my woes of the week. All I get from him is a..."You wanted this many kids" and "then do something about it if they won't listen." I am doing something....It just isn't working...neither did the last thing. Neither did the spanking. Maybe I just need to leave for a few days so I can miss them....and hope they miss me. One can dream of a vacation like that right???

Ok......I'm taking a big deep breath right now!! Counting to ten. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Funny how just typing a post like this can make you feel better. Kinda gives you a fresh breath of air to take on the trial. Thanks for listening. Next post will be about my cute, happy children that i love so much and I am so grateful for. I promise! (Yes the same children from this post.)


Tylaine said...

Oh man I totally know how you feel. If you find the answers I'd love to know. I will ask my son to do something and he doesn't and then I ask again and again (ofcourse raising my voice) and he's like stop yelling and I'm lik well if you'd do what I ask the first time I wouldn't. Drives me nuts!!
I'd just keep taking away their stuff....sooner or later they'll get the idea.
I wonder if Target has a Vacation easy button :)

Jaymi said...

KIDS SUCK! But it's dang funny how earlier in your post you write blah blah blah Why don't they listen to me, and then later..."Mom...MOmmy why aren't you listening to me"! LOL! See, you are teaching by example. Ilove you! hope you have a great day. ltmn!