Saturday, September 25, 2010

Still Ugh!

Ok, so I know in my last post I promised to write about "my cute, happy children that I love so much and am so grateful for". Yeah well, i re-read that I technically I can write about them in the exact same way that I wrote about them in the last post. Because: I didn't promise that I would write something 'nice' about them...just about them. Right?!?
If you haven't guessed yet I'm still having issues. I'm planning all sorts of run away routes. I just have to find someone to take over my 'Mom' job so I can finally jet. Not permanently, cause yes I love them and I want to be their mom...I just need them to miss me and I REALLY need to miss them. Did I all ready mention this? I can't remember. I keep saying it and I forget who I say it too.
Anyways, my camera is broken. I tossed it after i took it apart to fix the damn thing. It was my second camera of the exact same kind. The first one went flying off the fridge and I was not able to fix. And I really, really liked it. That's why I got the second. But now I am going to go a with a different camera all together. Cheap, easy to replace....but of course it has to go with my memory card because I'm too cheap to replace that too. Here were some of the last pictures taken with the camera. The last ones of the girls are the ones they took themselves when the snuck the camera to play with it. The other ones of the girls are pretty funny. I'll put them on Facebook. They are mostly of Aquinna posing model style for the camera. I can just see Samantha telling her how to 'work' the camera! (Maybe that's why it broke the way it did???)

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Jaymi said...

You can run away to my house...or better yet let's me and you runaway to Hawaii.....just so you know the word verification I have to type in is "spewnher" GROSS!