Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Confessional

I confess:

  • Today for lunch I ate a Fried Meatloaf Sandwich.

  • Disgusting right?

  • I use to think so.

  • Meatloaf was once a vomit waiting to happen at just the mention of it.

  • And it wouldn't even be in my stomach.

  • Kind of hard to avoid when its one of your husbands favorite food.

  • So I finally found and tweaked a recipe I actually enjoy.

  • Enjoy enough to eat leftovers of it the next day.

  • Sorry Hon, you will still never get me to make Scalloped Corn.

  • I know you love it and were raised on it but I won't.

  • No offense to Penni. (Riggles Mom)

  • But it is NASTY!!

  • If you haven't had the pleasure of trying it or hearing about it is this:

  • Creamed corn, crunched up Saltines mixed together and baked with paprika on top.

  • I think that's all the ingredients. I could be leaving something out.

  • But it really wouldn't matter because nothing you add to it could make it edible.

  • offense Penni. I love your cooking..and Bills.

That's my confession for today. Link up with Glam and confess!


Jaymi said...

mmmmm.... double D-lecious! I think your assignment for Nibley Church Thanksgiving should be Scalloped Corn (who made up that name anyway) ???? ltmn

Kellie said...

Yeah, that sounds gross- I wouldn't cook it either. Found you through Glam :)

Lauren said...

I felt the same way about meatloaf!! I actually still hate it unless I make it myself and see EVERYTHING that goes into that weird thing. But that corn..... yumm (ok that was sarcastic incase you couldnt tell)

great post!