Monday, October 25, 2010

Summers Haunting

Part One:

Ok, so you are all probably thinking I'm referring to the seasons, but I'm not. I'm talking about my cat, Summer Wheatley, who died at the beginning of September. We still have not looked for a replacement. We still miss our el gato. But how could we replace someone when they are still leaving there mark. For instance:
The Cat Hair-Even though Summer was a short haired cat, there are traces of her fur in my curtains and carpet. Vacuuming, washing, and lint trapping seem to take most of it away. But sometimes late at night, when the cool breeze blows through the bedroom window, Summers fur is still clinging to the curtains where she would perch and stare out at the starry, night sky.
The Litter Box - You would think that without a cat one would not need a litter box. Well sadly, Summers is still in the garage under her table. It probably escapes our attention because the remnants are ghostly and cast no smell about them. It is easy to forget when there is no need to clean something that doesn't need cleaning.
The Cat House - Still in the same spot. Still with the same toys dangling from the roof of the small rooms. Still looking as new as the day we got it for her. Of course, why would her spirit enjoy it now when she didn't even play with it when she was alive. It does come in handy though when we need an extra chair at the table.
And last but not least, The last gift she left us with:

Part 2:
I woke up one morning with eight bites on my right ankle. 5 on my left. I thought it was a spider. Samantha had some too. Boys no bites. The 'bug people' (pest control) were due to come by for their quarterly spray so I endured another week of bites thinking that it will all get taken care of soon. The day after the bug people left I was still getting bit. What the ???!!?? So finally one night laying in bed next to my hubby, I felt something in the sheets. Something had just bitten me. (No, it wasn't my Hubby.) I sprang out of bed to see what was the matter.....ooops wrong story.....I sprang out of bed and ripped off the blanket. My eyes were wide and exploring the sheets every thread. I knew something was there...My husband thought It was in my head..even though I had the bite marks to prove it. He thought my head was causing the bites or something. Stupid Man! What about Sam's bites huh?? I digress.....My eyes on the sheets, looking, scanning and then I see something.....a little black dot. Hmmm. I reach my finger out to it. Then, it hops. No not jumped. HOLY SHIT! Is that what I think it is. I touch it again and it jumps. My husband and I both start poking at it. Finally I catch it and squish it with my fingers. I look closely and its a FLEA! We found three that night. In our bed. GROOOSSSSS!!!!!! I ran downstairs and got online to google FLEA and how to DISPOSE of them. Seeing as it was 11pm, I couldn't go to Home Depot. I had to wait until morning. This was going to be a long, dark and scary night. I wanted to sleep downstairs on the couch but my husband said that was stupid. Of course he would say that, He wasn't getting bit! Luckily I didn't get bit anymore after that. But after my research I read about the egg cycle of fleas and how my cat probably was the carrier but since she wasn't around anymore they had to eat something. But they won't live on humans, just the carpet. GROOOOSSSSS!!!!

The next morning as soon as the kids were on the bus I 'hopped' over to the store and bought Bug Bomb and a natural, safe spray. I vacuumed. I bug bombed the whole upstairs. (Downstairs doesn't have carpet. And no sign of fleas) Left the hours I was suppose too. And then came home and sprayed the good smelling stuff all around. Washed bed linen, rugs and curtains. I felt like the Orkin Man when I was done with my hands on my hips and the spray bottle at my side looking around the rooms at the job well done. I knew that no flea could've have escaped. Vacuuming daily. Ok sometimes twice a day. I can finally say that I am flea free. I am still worried about the egg cycle. I'm hoping that no eggs were laid and not vacuumed up. Also, there is no more HOST. But since that is probably not likely I now have a anti-flea daily ritual. Vacuum, Vacuum, spray. But if that doesn't work I now have BBFI (Bounce Back Flea Insurance) and a gallon of bug spray and 3 bug bombs armed and ready to go.
So the last thing our cat left us to remember her:
FLEAS - What the heck Summer?!? I had no idea you had fleas. And to leave without taking them with you is just plain scary. I would've gave you a dose of FrontLine or something else if I had known. I would have taken care of you. I just didn't know. You didn't have to leave them though. Please no more Haunting us!


Terry said...

I visit a patient at her home and she has 9 cats...and the fleas to go with them. I always leave her house and jump down the steps hoping to knock any off me that may be trying to hitch a ride! I hate fleas! I would have gone to a hotel!! Good luck!

JoAnna Williams said...

*points finger and laughs* HAHA you have fleas!

Jaymi said...

So funny! I went to LaKells house a couple of months ago and she had BBFI wrote or maybe it's written on her she...bwwaaahaaaahaha!You should have wrote it on your shoe. I'm going right now to write it on my shoe.

Jaymi said...

....sorry should say on her shoe not on her she....that would be gross. and WHY THE HELL WOULD I BE LOOKING AT THAT??????