Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween lasted all weekend here as I'm sure it did at a lot of other houses. Thursday was the day for the Kindergartners to wear their costumes to school and have their Halloween parties. (No Kindergarten on Fridays.) Then Friday the other two kiddos got to celebrate in their school classes. Saturday we went to our wards Halloween Carnival/Chili Feed. I actually enjoyed myself. It was nice to be able to send the younger kids off with Garrett and have him escort them around while I sat and talked. Yea for older children getting older!!

Sunday of course was the official Halloween Trick or Treating Event. (In my best hick voice) "Back where I come from" they don't trick or treat on Sunday if it lands on one. It was widely known just to go out on the Saturday before. (ok, I'm not talking like a hick can stop visualizing me with buck teeth and pig tails in my best patched coveralls.) But seeing that didn't happen up here we went out with some good friends and their awesome kids. It was our first time Trick or Treating with another family. We weren't bored as parents and we weren't nagging at our kids to hurry up and go to the next house so we can get home. And it went so well we are all ready planning for next year :) Our friends have 5 kids. And we have the 4. So when we get together the on looker would think it was a day care field trip or something. But, it doesn't seem like too much to us. It is really easy to get along with them because they do have that many and they just 'get it'. There is no apologizing when messes are made or when it gets super loud and rough because its just a part of having a big family. Next year we are planning our kids costumes together. They are all going to be soldiers or a SWAT team or something like that. They will be storming the neighborhood with a battle plan!

It started with me when I was a young chick. My mom put me in the costume (which i believe she made) and I went around clucking like a chicken. "A Groovy Chicken" I know. I know...I'm adorable. Then I ended up having to put each of my kids in the same costume. I am so glad it has lasted all these years. maybe I didn't ever put Samantha in it. I can't seem to find a pic of her with it so I'm assuming I skipped her for some reason. Maybe I didn't have the costume in my possession. Sorry got screwed again! :( We will see if it fits your eight year old body next year...mmmkay?!?



Ben E


Jenette said...

I love the chicken costume! Your kids are so cute!

Jaymi said...

SO weired you went trick or treating on Sunday. What will your mohther say? hmmmmmmm? Poor Sam It sucks to be the kid in the middle.