Friday, April 24, 2009


Here is a video of Sam's dance class...this is them practicing one of their routines for their June recital. I'm sure you can tell that Sam is on the very left of the screen. (She's the best!) Her teacher handed out report cards today and recommends Sam to skip a level of class and also to try out for the Dance Company. Dance Company probably won't happen ($too expensive$). Though I might let her try out anyways. I'm so proud of her!!

Speaking of expensive...Garrett's piano lessons. I must say it is well worth the money. He has done absolutely amazing. And he loves it. He enjoys lessons and practicing. Seeing as he shares a birthday with Piano Man, Billy Joel hopefully he will continue with it...if not...I'm sure Sam will thank him for the extra money for more dance lessons.

As for Quinna...well...we'll try dance next year. Though Drama might be her thing. And as for Benny Boo...I think I won't worry about that for a while.

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Jenette said...

Sam is awesome, and I love how Quinna is dancing in the corner of the screen.