Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Dentist

The girlies had their first trip to the dentist this week. They were full of excitement and no nervousness.

They helped each other with the headphones and sunglasses.

They watched 'iCarly' during their cleaning which they thought was pretty cool. Every thing the nurse did in Quinnas mouth her tongue would follow and move around to try and feel what was going on. Even when they try to hold it down with the mirror her little tongue would wiggle free and keep right on searching. Robert said it was sooo funny he was laughing dang hard. The nurse said she had a really curious tongue. They got to pick their favorite color of toothbrushes. (Quinna green and Sam pink.) And they picked out a cool toy.


Jenette said...

any cavities???

JRiggles said...

Nope their teeth look great