Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spurts of Creativity

So, I'm not a very crafty person. I lack a lot of skill but I do enjoy a fun (easy) project now and then. The most recent one being the easy task of printing a picture to an iron paper and slapping it onto a pillow case. I made these for the Mom's on Mothers day...(Jaymi, yours is the one of Kevin..I just havn't sent it to ya yet.)

The Birthday cakes do not do Betty Crocker justice. I replicated them the best I could, but the lack of skill comes from the impatience of tedious work that seems to happen to me when the project takes longer than I want. (Just be done all ready will ya)

And my favorite is the Christmas hanger. I made this for my sis. After reading an online survey she filled out, she mentioned one of the worst presents she ever received was some hangers.' (Not from me) So being the loving sister I am I decided to make her the bestest hanger ever. Maybe she would one day learn to love this well thought out gift of love. I know I would.


Jaymi said...

Wow, your new name is Crafty Jewlynn. I cant wait for my present..I know I will sleep so much better, is the hanger for Kel or Les? LOL

JRiggles said...

you mean Kel didnt show it too ya?

Jenette said...

That is too funny about the hanger! Love all the crafts. We are going to have to get together and do so easy crafts.

JoAnna Williams said...

I think Your cakes rock