Friday, May 29, 2009

Taking a break

Riggles had to go to court over by the coast this week. We weighed the idea of all going as a family for a little seaside break. It was back and forth whether we were going to head out or not all morning. It was 7 minutes before the school bus came to pick up Garrett when we decided just to go. I think the kid-o's liked the surprise when we told them. They love to stay at to swim...and they travel really really well. The hardest part this trip was the wait in the small town of Montesano, Wa were Riggles had court. But after that, the jet to Ocean Shores was short and sweet and worth the wait.

Cold and Windy Wednesday Evening
Even with the ice cold water the kids had a blast running in and out of it letting the waves chase them. I admit I was a pansy and got one toe wet, whined and walked away. Quinna had to be carried back to the hotel because her feet were so cold and her pants were so wet that they kept falling off.

Warm warm warm on Thursday
Garrett thought it was great to fly the kite. He would have to steer and dodge away from the rocks that his Dad would throw up at the kite. (It wasn't too high) Garrett would crack up when it got hit.

Sandcastles, Sun and Smiles
I'm so glad we just picked up and left. Little breaks like this make your days go by better. I am so thankful that we get opportunities to do these kinds of things. I'm all ready planning our next getaway!!!

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Jenette said...

That is sooo cool that you got to get away for a bit.