Friday, June 18, 2010

Confession Time

Time to confess, (taking a breath)

I postponed my sons baptism for my daughters dance pictures. Great priorities huh? Well, I knew that dance pictures could NOT have been rescheduled and I didn't want her to miss them so I rescheduled what I knew I could.

My kindergartner also missed her end of the year "Kindergarten Celebration" because of dance rehearsals. She technically could have gone and missed the rehearsal but Mommy didn't want to sit in a crowded gym listening to kindergartners barely singing along with a crappy radio. Seriously I've heard these songs ALL year long. The only thing we missed that night was the ice cream at the end. I made it up with her choice of restaurant...Subway!! She loved it!

Twice this past two weeks I let to babies poopy diapers slip by me. By the time I realized they were poopy, they had sore bum. I felt horrible. Isn't poop suppose to stink all the time so you know when they do it??!!??

I washed down the inside of my fridge today. It was the first time's been so long since it happened I don't even remember how long it's been. But hey!! Now it's clean! I will mark this day on the calendar so I know next time how long it takes to do it again.

I haven't been to the gym since May. Not because I don't want to though. Sort of...but mostly cause it's the end of the year and my plate is full and if there is finally a day something is not happening...I am too pooped(the non smelly kind) to get off the couch...or computer chair. I'm hoping next week will be a lot better....Since there is nothing on the calendar it should be better.

We ate out at restaurants 4 times this week. (If you count hubby eating at work it's more like 10.) This is outrageous for us. I usually plan out my meals on paper then shop once then cook dinner every night..(ok not every night. some nights I still whip out the cup o noodles or eat leftovers) but for the most part we eat out maybe 1 or 2 A MONTH. Next week will also put that situation back to normal!

I just realized that with all these 'confessions' I am following them with an excuse to why or how it happened. Hmmm...

I must confess...I can't make mistakes or decisions without making up excuses for those mistakes and decisions. I guess that's just one of my personality traits.


Brittney said...

lol better to explain than to leave us up to our own interpretations right? hehe!!!

Heather said...

Love the confessions. And the excuses.

Nice to meet you. Have a great weekend.

Jaymi said...

Hmmmm do I have any confessions????

Lourie said...

Ahhh great soul cleansing! And they are not excuses, they legitimate reasons.

Thanks for visiting my blog.