Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Confessional

It's that time again. Link up and play along with Glamazon.

I confess:
  • "Hate" and "Laundry" were my two most used words on Facebook
  • It's probably my most used on my blog too
  • I'm obsessed with NOT getting my laundry done.
  • Not because I love not having it done
  • But because it's all I ever think about having to do and not doing it.
  • I'm sure you are all aware of this problem by now...
  • Remember, it's my most used words
  • I am super cheap when it comes to clothes and food.
  • But when I shop for shoes and laundry soap I have to buy name brands.
  • Oh and name brand garbage bags.
  • Funny how I buy name brand laundry soap and never use it hahaha.
  • Some things you have to pay extra money for
  • I have bought and downloaded 87 games from
  • That's about 7 dollars a game
  • Oh My I just added it up!!!
  • That over 600 dollars in games since 2006!!
  • That's not counting subscriptions to Toontown, Wizard101 and Other games I have played in the past
  • I think I have a problem.
  • Wait......let's compare hubby's costs
  • Xbox 360 200$, games 50-60bucks a piece, and batteries for remotes....
  • I think it comes out even, don't you?
  • If we spent money like that on our yard, we would be more excited for the warm weather.
  • Just shows you where our priorities are :P

That's it for now.


Jaymi said...

I just got out some clothes for tanner man...from garrett....and they are all bout video games....LOL...

Stacy said...

I know what you mean. I think I have spent a million dollars on donuts in the last few years. I mean when did the family get so big that we need a dozen at a time?? AHHH. Go enjoy a good game and I will get myself a donut.