Wednesday, April 21, 2010


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Hub has had his normal days off this week. It's been pretty nice, helpful, yet uneventful. (I babysit another one year old so we don't go too many places on his days off...and his days off are on weekdays.) I'm done babysitting for the month so, I mention to him that there is a new class at my gym that I'm going to and he should come. He has been talking about wanting to do a crossfit thing anyway..and this class is called 'bootcamp' which is described as the same kind of activities as crossfit and P90xqrtdd or whatever it is called.
So I ask him, "Hey wanna go with me to the gym tomorrow for Bootcamp?"

He says, with a scrunched up face, " Ummmmm I don't knoowww? Doesn't that seem a little gay? I doubt any other guys are gonna be there." "They will all think I'm goofy."

I say, " Well I will ask my friend that goes. I'm sure there are guys there. It is bootcamp. I'm sure it is a great workout for guys and I would like you to work out with me."

WIMTS was:
"Quit being a pansy ass cry baby. Does it really matter if there are other guys there or not. It's a weekday..most people are working. Nobody is gonna stare at you and your dorky moves anyways. Nobody cares about what others are doing in the gym. They don't even care about the smell that is perspiring off their bodies...IT'S A GYM for pete's sake!!! Get off your high/lazy horse and come with me."


Jaymi said...

SO....did he go. Did you video camera it?? ltmn

JRiggles said...

Yes he went! It kicked both our butts..I'm definatley going back..he said he would like to too...and maybe he'd even try a different class :)