Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I Meant to Say Wednesday

Another edition of what I actually said.

It all happened on Tuesday night. It was finally time for our outing at the ball park with our dear friends. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest I have become a fan of baseball and the Seattle Mariners. A night at the ball park not only consists of a great game in a cool stadium but the amazing, wonderful, tasty stadium food.

We arrived and right off the bat (no pun intened)I dive into a massive Bratwurst covered in sauteed onions. MMMmmm!!! The game was going by fast. There was no scoring and hardly any other action between both the teams. A few innings in, I start diving into a massive pile of the famous, garlic fries. Delicious! As much as I wanted to I couldn't eat them all so as with the other trash i shoved them under my seat.

(I stole this pic from th internet)

Continuing on with the cheering of the game and chit chatting with friends, in the corner of my eye I notice the guy (a complete stranger, college aged) sitting next to me reach under his chair. I gave no thought. I continue talking with the the hub and others on the opposite side of me. I then notice the guy eating some garlic fries. "Hmmm"....I thought "He hasn't moved since I've been here..wonder where he got those?" Then a thought occurred to me. I start moving my foot all around the underneath of my seat. Guess what is not there anymore??? That's right, the strange dude sitting next to me was eating MY garlic fries that I shoved under MY seat. I just sat there staring straight forward at the baseball field in wonder and disbelief. "nahh" I said to myself, "those aren't my fries! nobody would do that." I glance over and notice the condiments opened in the exact way that I opened them and conclude, to my self of course, "Holy Shit! HE'S EATING MY FRIES!?!?" I continue to act as normally as I possibly can. Out of the corner of my eye I notice him placing the empty carton back under his seat. And then a few seconds later he reaches again and secretly starts pushing them back toward my seat until I feel them touch my shoe. I just sat there in complete amazement.

I wanted to say so much. Especially when his buddies or family or whoever was next to him were saying something to him about what he was eating. I wanted to say something to him so he knew that I knew what he did. To let him know he wasn't that sneaky or cool to get away with something so stupid. I wanted to say.."Hey Pal, just ask next time if you want some of my fries!"

A few more minutes went by. It felt a lot longer. I really didn't care that he took my fries. Waste not, want not is what I like to say. But it still Shock ED and Amaz ED me that someone would do that. Eventually I took out the Swedish Fish candies that I brought along with me and offered some to my dear friend sitting the opposite side of me. I then turn and motioned the bag of fish over to the dude and asked, "Care for a fish?" He said "no thanks." I said, "ok, i just thought you would want to get the Garlic taste out of your mouth." He turned bright red. Stumbling over his words he said, "oh yeah, sorry 'bout that." And he looked away quickly. I just laughed at him.

A few innings later he got up and left his seat. I was so glad to finally tell my friend what happened. She couldn't believe it either and laughed with me. He came back to his seat with a fantastic looking BBQ something or other and I was tempted to ask him for a bite..but I didn't.
Mariners finally scored 3 runs in the 8th inning. Ended up to be a good game and an Awesome night. Except afterwards in the car when we noticed a note on our windshield that said "sorry i rubbed your car." That was it. No insurance info, no name, no number, NOTHING. Luckily it wasn't worse than the damage I did myself hitting the garage a few months prior. Then we get a text from our dear friends that there car got broken into. Their glove box was turned a mess and their Ipod was gone. But we will do it again because these are Great Times!!


Brittney said...

OMG that is soooo funny!! I would have surely called him out but you played it cool.. AWESOME!

Terry said...

OMG!! People are just amazing!! I certainly would have asked for a bite of his BBQ something or other!!!
this is too crazy....

Jaymi said...

SO SO FUNNY! I think I peed a little I laughed so hard. (IPAL)

Jenette said...

That is too funny! I can't believe that guy ate your food!

Chief said...

Do some people seriously live under rocks with no social skills! LMDAO!

Thanks for playing!

JoAnna Williams said...

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Ican't believe how weird some people are.