Monday, August 4, 2008

The "How it Happened" Story

Riggles and I met 11 years ago this month. I was living in Elko, Nevada (aka hell hole, NV) with my sister and her family. Riggles was the lawn mower boy for the trailer park we all resided in. I would stare and google-eye at him every time he rode by. But of course, discretely as possible through the window shades. Even on Saturday early mornings the sound of the lawn mower would make me jump out of bed just to take a peek at him. Finally, my brother in-law stopped Rob and asked him his name and age and asked if Rob wanted to take me out to get to know some people seeing as I was new to the neighborhood. The next day Rob came over in his cool ’65 mustang and asked if he could take my sister out to meet some new friends. (Embarrassed...) I informed him he probably meant to take me out seeing as my sister was married with children and just had a baby. (I’m told he was trying to set me up with his friend...but then changed his mind after he got a good look at me and then made his way to sit next to me that night we went out. lol) From then on he visited me every weekend after he moved to Twin Falls, Id for college. And then after I moved back to Logan, Ut., he drove every four days to see me there. He proposed the night of my high school graduation (1999)…I moved to Twin Falls, and a year later we got hitched in Libby, Montana.

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Jenette said...

What a great story!!!