Friday, June 3, 2011

Random Post

Sometimes i wish I could just change with the thought of changing. Wanting to be better and realizing what you need to fix and have it magically be fixed. Being a better wife, mother, babysitter, sister, friend. Sometimes the want is so bad but the effort is not there at all. Why can't the want be enough? Why can't we appreciate it and not take for granted the mercies in our lives without effort? Even with knowing that the effort and work is what really makes us grow and change, I still can't seem to do it. I just want to skip that part. It's kinda like I'm telling myself, " Hey you know the lesson, you know that the work is the important part. So why not just skip ahead to the end because you know if you work at it that you will have the ending anyways." Any of this making sense? Is it ok to ask ya'll to pray for me to have a desire, no wait, for me to just put more effort into it?

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Velva said...

I think you have the "Norton Syndrome". Sorry about that... cause I know exactly how you feel! But I know you also make the Effort whenever it is most necessary. You do get it done!