Friday, June 24, 2011

Start of Summer

The kids have been out of schools since last Tuesday at noon. I really have enjoyed not having to get up and get lunches ready, kids ready and out the door. Here it comes.....BUT, I really am not enjoying the fighting, tattle telling, whining, moping kind of stuff that has been going on as well. Very dramatically, I might add.

I hear it's normal for siblings to carry on this way. The bickering and peckering. Blah blah blah. BUT, I don't want that to be normal. I want a peaceful, kind, loving home. Where everyone whistles as they do their chores. Help each other out when needed. And when disruption comes, things are settled in a kind manner. Family Prayer, Scripture Study, and Home Evening seem to be just the opening exercises for a good ol' fashioned "Mom!! She's looking at me!", and "He always gets to read its my turn!" and "Do we have to???".

I have enjoyed some of this time with them. (When they are sleeping.) They are very funny and amusing to hang out with. I just wish those times would be more than the fighting, whining, carrying on times. And it only been a week of summer so far. Boy, am I in for it if something doesn't change....maybe it's me.

Here are a couple of pics to show them in their cute times. I will post their "other side" another time.


Jaymi said...

Wow, wish I had grass to run through the sprinklers! When will you be here??

Jenette said...

I love the pictures especially the one of Ben E getting pushed into the sprinkler by his brother...