Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 4

So today I am suppose to post my most favorite night. I have been thinking about it ALL day. Now, finally at 9:00 PM, I ask my husband..."What is my favorite night?" His response,
"Can be tonight if you hurry up and get in bed!"

But for reals...the one night I keep thinking about every time I ponder this question is this:

The night the Mister agreed to make baby number 4. Here is the picture that goes with it. ;)

Because of this movie, (and the many, many pleadings with my Heavenly Father) My husband changed his, once was made up, mind to add to our family.

This night reminds me that God knows us and our deepest wants and desires. He gives us knowledge and we gain more faith because of all these things he does for us.


Jaymi said...

"AMEN SISTA" And I'm so glad you have a Ben E cuz I LIKE HIM!! He's dang funny!!

Jenette said...

I am happy that Ben E is around too... That is one way we got to be such good friends!