Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 11

I'm skipping Day 10 for now...I will come back to it. I just don't have the picture of Day 10 with me at the moment.

So Day 11


Well, as I sit here and think of the list of things, I come up with usual things such as


When someone says the Lords name in vain.

The bouncing of lobster or calamari in my mouth

When kids are mean to other kids.

But when I asked my kids, "What does Mommy hate?" I get the answer , "Us fighting."

So there ya have it. I hate it when my kids fight. I know it is inevitable. I know it will probably continue on and on and on and on.....and on. But maybe if I start telling them how much I love and appreciate it when it happens, it would happen less frequently?!? (Because telling them how nice they play together when that happens doesn't seem to move them enough.)

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Jaymi said...

I think Miracle Whip is worse!!
just tricken