Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 5

A Picture of My Favorite Memory

There are sooo many! So many great moments in my life. But the one time I will always remember...until I forget is ....The Night Time Winter Walk. (I just made up the title for my I can't ever forget it!)

Before Riggles and I got married....we lived together. *GASP* I know, I know totally sinful. These were great times. One night in particular it was snowing like crazy. We lived in this tiny, little, population 2100 town. The night was so quiet. Nobody was out. He always works night shifts so being up late was a normal and still is a normal thing for us. We decided to go for a walk. It was so beautiful and peaceful. We went sliding on the road...(when you run few steps and then slide across on your feet like foot surfing I guess.) We did it so much in one spot on 'Fair Ave' we made the road a sheet of ice. We went to the park and went down the super, slick slide. We walked up a few blocks to where one of the Officers lived the Apartments. He was always up at night too. We new we could get a snack and drink there because this dude only ate meat sticks and drank Pespsi. Then we headed home. The only picture I have of this memory is the one in my head. And the one I'm posting can't do a memory like that justice. It's just that kind of moment!!!


Jaymi said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh! Cuuuttttee!

Jenette said...

That is a very romantic/fun memory