Friday, February 4, 2011

A Post for My Mom

Well, as you can see I have posted a whole lot of nothing lately. Maybe its cause a whole lotta nothing is going on here. Like a said before, I blame it on not having a camera. But I guess after I get a camera that can't be an excuse anymore. Therefore, I have promised my mom that I would post at least once a week. (Mom, this means you might have to call and assign me a topic to post about.) Oh I guess I should write it like this (I know she is going deaf but maybe her eye sight is failing too) I will write it big for her. (MOM, THIS MEANS YOU MIGHT HAVE TO CALL AND ASSIGN ME A TOPIC TO POST ABOUT.)
Heres a couple of things with the phone camera.
Ben E has been introduced, by me, oops, to :
So we spend quite a bit of time with Jeff, Murray, Greg and my favorite, Anthony.
Garrett loved the Wiggles when he was a toddler. My mom sent him movie and fortunately it still runs without fail. But because you can only watch a certain amount of the same movie before you go completely loony, and On Demand doesn't update their selections enough, I borrowed a couple of DVD's from the library. Ben E doesn't talk much. But when he needs something he converses with us usually with some sort of sign language. This is what he does when it's Wiggle time.

Another thing that Ben E likes to do is play with cars. It has been about 8 years and I still have these PHAT cars that my mom gave Garrett. Ben LOVES them. You put a little phat car into the big phat car and then push down and the little one pops out and goes zooming across the floor.
As for the rest of the brats kids they are doing good. Garrett really likes playing basketball. He is improving so much. Samantha is still amazing at just about everything she does. Piano, Jazz dance, school. And Aquinna is going to be put up for adoption. So if anyone is interested in a 5 year old kindergartner, who whines, doesn't listen to directions, whines, gets into everything she is not suppose to, whines, and loves Ribs. I'll start the bid low because ribs are expensive.

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Jenette said...

I'll take Aquinna, but you have to come visit on a weekly basis as part of the deal ;)

Jennie likes the Wiggles too but I can't handle them so we are watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Curious George instead.