Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Confessional


I can't believe how long it has been since I confessed. Let's just get started shall we.
  • I expect everyone in the house to take care of their shoes...except for me.
  • It's ok if I leave mine out because I always need them on more often and more in a hurry.
  • I dropped the F Bomb at my children this week.
  • I would love to blame Aunt Flo or Satan but honestly I had a choice, I thought about it for a millimeter of a second and I said it anyway.
  • The little Kindergartner Whiny Pants sitting next to me right now is going to get her a** kicked.
  • She throws fits and whines over the stupidest thing.
  • Can't get her to help or contribute to anything.
  • Earlier post claimed I was putting her up for adoption
  • This is still a BIG possibility
  • But I might be leaning more toward Foster Care
  • She might just find a more "fitting" family that way.
  • Or a Kennel???Hmmmm?
  • Maybe I should be put in a Kennel
  • Maybe I should quit typing and hug her?
  • Maybe I should hug her and then make her take a nap?
  • Maybe I should take a nap with her?

1 comment:

Jaymi said...

Your a good mom. Venting is good. Then hugs!