Sunday, February 20, 2011

Repeating Piece of Crap

This is going to start out as a "Sunday" Confessional. I Repeat things. And I am hypocritical about it too. Because I totally point it out and roll my eyes and breathe deep when other people do it. (Not in front of their face of course!)
But here I go again repeating myself:
This Week is Mid-Winter Break. One whole week in February for the kids to be out of school. We just had Winter Break. (aka Christmas Vacation, but they don't dare call it that) And in April we will have our Spring Break. Do these kids ever go to school???
Reassuring Note - I love my children, I would do anything in the world for them (as long as it isn't while I'm reading or playing video games heehee jk) I love the time that I spend with them, and I love the time they are at school so I can plan for the times I will spend with them.
BUT..Couldn't we please get rid of this stupid break in February. Give us the Friday and Monday for Presidents Day break and then throw the other days at the end of the school calendar for extra Summer days. There was a school district survey this year asking us parents our opinions on the length of our breaks. I definitely voiced mine!
I'm hoping, if I'm diligent in my faith and prayers of how I want this week to go, (Yes, I said how I want, ) I will be able to accomplish those things I have my sights set on. Such as: Scrapbooking, Laundry, Deep Cleaning, and ACTIVITIES WITH THE CHILDREN...HAPPY, EASY GOING, FUN ACTIVITIES WITH MY WONDERFUL, LOVING, WELL BEHAVED CHILDREN!!


Middle-aged Mormon Man said...
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Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

Too many typos. Must slow down...

Still trying to figure out if the "Repeating Piece of Crap" is:
a) The recurring, unwanted week off school
b) You.

Either way, it sounds like you had a very peaceful Sabbath, and ended you Sunday on lovely note.