Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I got it....oh wait...I lost it

That is It!! I figured it out! I know why my kids don't listen to me. I know why they don't 'get it'.
I can totally understand where I went wrong. (Yes, I'm admitting that I really screwed it up) And I might have time to fix it with child #4, because I figured it out because of him. But I probably won't because I'm .....come know this....I've said it many many times.....I'm LAZY.
Here's what I figure:
When my kids are 16 months old or so until the time they are 3 they are extremely cute and funny. (Well, they are cute and funny at any age depending on the moment) We (my husband and I) laugh at just about all they do including, making messes, spitting milk, throwing food, running away when we call them, dancing on the furniture, burping/farting in public, throwing freshly folded laundry, hitting us and their siblings, taking apart books and photo albums. The list is continuing in my head but I don't want to bore you. Probably too late for that though...oops.
I use to say that God made my kids so cute so I don't kill them. This is about the 4 or 5 year old age. But now I realize I messed it up because I laughed at them when they were 2. Now it is all just a slammin' good time to tear up the house and not listen to word I say. It's what I find amusing....remember....I use to laugh at this stuff...what happened. It is like they are saying, "Wait, Mom isn't laughing...something isn't right, I must not be making a big enough mess or something. Let's make it bigger."
Where was the point that made it go from funny and cute TO can't you guys clean up after yourself??
Did I mess up by not teaching responsibility at the same time I was laughing at their cuteness?
Why am I asking these questions if I 'figured' it all out?
Oh that's right. I haven't! This parenting thing doesn't make sense, I can't figure these kids out, and I just need chug another Diet Dr. Pepper and that I have it figured out and tomorrow is going to ROCK because of my amazing epiphany. (Did you catch the sarcasm?...because there was none.....really)


Jaymi said...

You're FUNNY! Maybe you should laugh and cheer when they clean up a mess, IF they clean up a mess but it'll take another 5 years laughing at that for them to do it on their own. :)

Jenette said...

I have a lot of those moments with Jennie, but I have to hide my laughter b/c I am afraid that it will linger, but they are just so funny/cute.