Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Well, the house is still a mess. The decorations are still up. But technically that is ok cause it's not New Years yet and the kids are still home. I can only use that excuse for 6 more days then I will have to come up with a different reason why I'm not getting my chores done.
Though, today I had Garrett cleaning the bathrooms and the girlies helped out by loading the dishwasher and even wiping down the counters and sweeping the floor. (Riggles will only occasionally do the counter and he NEVER sweeps the floor.)
I'm looking forward to the next couple of days. Riggles is on his days off and the kids and I are a lot more entertained when he is home. A lot less productive...but entertained.
So Christmas status : Everyone happy and grateful with what they received for Christmas.
Riggles got his Ipod Touch, Garrett a whole years worth of Wizards 101. (ok that is for me too). Sam has her kids Laptop and some Webkinz and Quinna has whole city of FurReal Frenzies. (Frenzies are the cooler and cuter version of Zhu Zhu pets FYI) Ben got a BBall hoop and a Pillow pet and an awesome toy pistol equipped with realistic sound. Though it doesn't stop him from making his own sound effects. I got a pressure cooker. YAY! So I will be getting my butt in gear and cleaning up my storage space so I can prepare a place for all the stuff I will be canning to be prepared. I didn't get a camera. So no pics to post. But I have claimed to purchase a new one and a new cat if we get some tax return money.
So there is another bit up tids. Or Tidbits...Whichever you want to call what I just rambled on about.

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Jaymi said...

OK, I've missed reading your funny stuff! HOpe you write more soon and Hope I log on to read it.