Saturday, December 18, 2010


Have you ever wanted your floor so clean that you could eat off of it. Well, right now at my house you can do just that included with a wonderful Bath and Body smell to it. Want to know how it happened? Well, obviously I didn't clean it. That would mean being productive. If you want this awesome floor job just do the following:

#1 - After feeding your kids apples, tell them to wash the sticky off there hands.

#2 - After the snack send them to brush their teeth and head to bed.

#3 - Leave your toddler unattended downstairs while you tuck in the older kids.

#4 - Come downstairs to a slippery, yet extremely clean kitchen floor!

(YIKES!! as I'm typing this the little dude just cruised in here with a stinking cutting knife. YIKES!)

Want to mix up the same old boring Christmas tree this year? Oh heck ya you do. After decorating as you normally would, Just leave your hub home alone with the toddler for a couple hours and you will come home to a tree with ornaments on the top half only. And the ornaments that were on the bottom half are all lined up nicely on the mantel accessorizing the Nativity. Minus a few broken ones...but luckily they are not the ones with sentimental value...right?!?

All right, enough funny stuff....time to vent.

Why is that 22 month olds have to get into everything they are NOT suppose to? There is nothing that I haven't tried to keep him away from the knives, soap, laptop, top of tables, markers, xbox, desktop, tree, and toilet. Ok the toilet and the soap can easily be hidden by shutting the door. But the stuff that is out and always out...he doesn't get 'NO' or 'PLEASE STOP' or 'GET OFF THE TABLE'! Changing his scenery or distracting him with something else keeps him away for a quick pee break...but if its longer than a 20 sec pee...He is at it all again. I love NAP TIME. not mine...HIS.
Dang Turkey that he is .....I am sooo grateful for him. He is probably the cutest and funniest kid we've had. (They all get there turns) I knew I was suppose to have him from the time that the one just older than him was born. It just took some extra time for the Hub to finally agree that I was right with needing a 4th child.
I look at this precious kid and I see Heavenly Fathers love for me. (Well, when I'm looking at Ben playing nice ;P) I know of Gods miracles. I know that Gods plan for us includes eternal families. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have. For the testimony I have that Jesus is His Son. And He was sent to us so we could follow him back to our Heavenly Father. Oh how I hope my children can know this amazing truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Jenette said...

At least you didn't have to clean the floor yourself ;)
We didn't even bother putting decorations on our tree for that very reason and over half the normal Christmas decorations stayed in their boxes.
I feel the same way...I love my kids and know they are special but some times it is hard to keep that perspective especially at 2AM