Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I Meant To Say Wednesday

What I said last night around 3 am to my one year old: (Yes I said one year old...I also said 3 AM, my head was still on my pillow when I was up)

"Ssshhhh, Goodnight Baby..Again."

What I meant to say:
"You're a freakin' one year old. You really don't need to nurse 4-5 times a night. I know you're not hungry! You eat all your food during the day and then share mine. These boobs will still be here in the morning...just sleep through the night all ready. Geees!! Typical male that thinks titties in your mouth will make you feel better and help you fall asleep. Get over it kid or I'm weaning you completely!"

Wednesdays are late start at school. So we have an extra hour in the mornings. I would like to think that extra hour could be used for something amazing like...SLEEPING. But this is the one day of the week my kids wake up at 6:30 instead of 7:30 when they should be getting up at 8:30...AAARRRGGHH!!

What I said this morning at 7:30 to my 81/2 year old when he came charging up the stairs, shouting that Quinna (41/2) has wasted her oatmeal. Two packets of it. *GASP*

"Ok Garrett, I'll take care of it when I come down."

What I meant to say:
"Really?!?! Oatmeal Garrett?!? This is what is tying your panties in a knot?!? Calm down and worry about what you need to be doing. Don't worry so much about your sisters and every little thing they do wrong. And DON'T stomp around yelling at me on late start Wednesday when I am lying in bed and your baby brother is still sleeping. And Quinna..stop wasting food!!! I am sick of it. You need to eat what you get. (There are starving people in china who would love what you have) And Samantha...Well you haven't done anything just check yourself before you piss me off too!!!"

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JoAnna Williams said...

Why do 4 year olds waste so much food? Daphne does it on a daily basis and it drives me crazy! That and "I don't like this stuff" when you know very well she likes it and eats it all the friggin time!

Jaymi said...

I was laughing through my nose the whole time a read this (LTMN)It sounded something like this hmmff ffhmmf ffss hssssff. LOVE IT!

Brittney said...

LOL!!! Im glad i only have 1... i remember bickering like that and the tattling when i was younger... my poor mom!! lol!

Chief said...

Dude I am a terrible mother because I totally tell my kids the china starving stuff when they waste food!

Thanks for playing!