Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What I Meant to Say Wednesday

What I said to my very grown up 6 year old daughter:

"You are such a good helper I love how you can help take care of the Baby!!!"

The eight year old said, " I want to change his diaper too."

The four year old also chimed in "I can feed him, He likes me."

I say," Yes you can all take turns. Baby Ben E will love that."

What I meant to say:

"Hallelujah Holy Crap! I will LOVE that. I am so thrilled at how you love to change diapers and feed the baby. You know what this means kids?!?! It means that I can sit at the computer without interruption when you are around to do those jobs. I can just yell across the house, 'Who wants to Change the Baby?' and have you three come runnin' up all excited at who I'm going to pick this time to do the deed. I might finally even enjoy your fighting about it. That's right...less jobs for me more for you! Whooop whoop...Holla Holla!!!"

6 year old said:

"Can I change his poopy one?"

I say:

"Sorry maybe when you are a bit bigger."

What I meant to say:

"I WISH!! I just can't see it happening without a massive poop mess with baby wipes wasted and strung out all over the house. Sorry kid!! Love the enthusiasm for cleaning up poop though!!"


Brittney said...

woo hoo!!! haha!!

Jaymi said...

Your posts are always so POsiTIve!
I need to take a lesson from you, do you have any appt. available??

Oka said...

Love it when the kids beg to help. I am a lil excited because this past weekend my 12 yr old and 9 yr old were fighting over doing dishes. LOL

Jenette said...

I wish I had someone to change the diapers especially the poopie ones for me...Everytime Matthew attempts them, I end up finishing them.