Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Confessional

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I think there is a rule somewhere that says you are not suppose to match your shoes and your jacket. But I have the awesomeist magenta, Chuck Taylors and I have the awesomeist magenta, jean jacket and I LOOVVE the way they look together. That is my first confession that I thought of last night while lying in bed with anticipation for Friday Confessional. OOps I guess mentioning my pre-sleep thoughts are my second. Here are some more...

I am a 'Yelling Mom'. I know, sad huh. And I don't even yell when they are in huge trouble. I yell when they are irritating the piss out of me when I'm trying to do something for myself productive such as cleaning cupboards, mopping, reading a book, moving furniture, on the computer or something else that has to do with me and only me and "LEAVE ME ALONE I'M BUSY." No wonder my 6 year old says "You're Mean!" I know! Leave me alone and I won't be mean. :P

I guess that shows how selfish I am. I want, I need, I miss, I'm busy, I'm hungry, I'm not in the me me my my my I I I now now now!!!!

I even acknowledge that I need to change and be more charitable and stuff. (when I just typed 'and stuff' i said it in my head with the accent of Nacho Libre) I've been looking for ways that I can be more ways! I don't want to have to sacrifice too much of the good stuff right? I just want the easy jobs to get the blessings of sacrifice and charity without really sacrificing the things that I really need want. Why make myself work harder right? I know ...I'm gonna get what's coming to me though. Woe is me and my selfish ways. (All about me and my woes again...see it never ends.)


Brittney said...

lol im the same way sometimes :) great confessions

Jaymi said...

Mean moms are the BEST moms! (my new favorite saying!)

Glamazon said...

What? Totally not selfish. I think you react well for someone being pestered 24 hours a day (And I know, I am also a yeller, and I am also pestered 24 hours a day :)

Thanks for playing!