Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Confessional

So on Fridays I am playing Friday Confessional with Glamazon.

Link up and play along.

This week it's a Valentine do I confess to my Valentine or about him??? hehe jk.

The hub and I are the perfect couple.
We laugh all the time.
He is the funniest man ever.
I even laugh at his balding head and he laughs too.
Then he laughs at my flabby rolls and I laugh.
When we play Battleship we always say "you sunk my battleship" in the voice of the old man on that one Simpsons episode and then we laugh a bit more.
Every round we play we do this when we sink the battleship.
It never gets old
Well it might get old
But we do it anyways and laugh some more
When we argue it's because he does things wrong his way.
If he would have done them the my way the right way things wouldn't get so tense.
Sometimes it's because I'm moody.
But only sometimes.
But then he makes me laugh five minutes later at either him or myself and we are all better.

Click pic for Youtube video clip


Brittney said...

aww that is so sweet!! I love your blog background by the way!

Jaymi said...

not really sure what you are confessing?? But I love it!

JRiggles said...

I'm confessing that I'm in love...ahhhhh :) And he is mostly always at fault when we fight hehehe.

Glamazon said...

So cute! Loved it. And I love that you say 'You sunk my battleship' and it never gets old. Those are the moments that make marriage dear :)

Thanks for playing!

PS-I love the song on your blog